Thursday, June 6, 2013

All Done

How funny is it that we get so excited about the end of the school year and then, once it comes, it's so bittersweet?

The school year is over and I've been home for about two hours now. And I'm bored. Ha! It's time to get started on those summer plans---
  • clean this nasty house
  • work in the garden
  • prepare for putting up veggies, sauces, soups
  • learn to ferment veggies
  • make a decision on whether or not to join a CSA
  • prepare for the next school year
  • run sprint 8s at school on the stairways
  • not break my neck running sprint 8s on the stairways at school
  • lose some freaking weight
Loads to do! But first, we have to endure a tropical storm tonight/tomorrow. Joy.

I had my 5th graders work on an end of the year project called ASCII Art. I was truly amazed at their abilities--

Each picture was made using the only the symbols (letters, numbers, etc) on the computer keyboard---

Didn't they do a fantastic job?!

I miss them already!

There was a luncheon for faculty and staff on Wednesday. Let me just tell y'all that working with these people is nothing less than a total blessing.

Even though they are somewhat crazy--they sure do give good send-offs to retirees.

Even Albert made an appearance...LOL

They also give good send-offs to newlywed teachers who are off to Alaska--- but I can't figure out how to load the video.

What a great year with the best group of educators, students and parents anywhere!

Let the summer fun begin!

DoodleBug's trip to Europe is forthcoming!


  1. As a kid, I always felt happy/sad when school was out for the summer. And all for the same reasons. All the great teachers and friends almost outweighed the long summer to relax and just have fun.

    You are gonna have fun, right?!

  2. Stay safe and enjoy the summer, before you know it, you will back in the classroom :)

  3. What a great project for the kids. So talented. I used to teach 5th grade. I loved it.
    Have a fun summer, while also getting all those things done.

  4. Isn't being a teacher the absolute best? Have fun with those summer plans!

  5. Isn't that just how it goes! It's exhausting, but then when school's over you really miss the kids. I could tell from your posts how much you love them.

    Don't trip on those steps. And tell me again, why do you want to ferment veggies???

  6. So glad today is the first day of your vacation. Those pictures were great. What a nice exercise for the kids to do. Do you have that book Nourishing Traditions? My girls are both fermenting vegetables. I brought it home with me and I am going to be reading it this weekend.
    Enjoy the rain. The winds don't look too bad from this one. All of the weather seems so early this year. It is like we are having August weather now.
    Have a nice day, I can't wait to see pictures of Europe.
    Have a nice day.

  7. Good luck accomplishing all your project. I know you can do it! Wow I am impressed with pictures, they did a great job for sure. Enjoy your summer and I hope DoodleBug has a wonderful trip. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Well if you looking to kill a little time you can come to Arizona and whip my backyard gardening into shape. The weeds and dead flowers await a real gardener.

  9. Stephanie- 'Almost' being the keyword, yes? LOL

    Lucy- I'm trying not to think about that. LOL

    coop- I don't just have 5th grade, I teach K-5. But 5th grade might be my favorite. :)

    Betty- YES!

    Judy- I'm going to try fermenting because of the health benefits. Not sure I'm going to like them though...we'll see.

    Kim- Let me know about the book: worth the read and all that.

    Debby- Thanks! The kids were so proud of themselves!

    Mrs. T- If it's a 'real' gardener you seek, you'd be better off looking elsewhere. LOL


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