Sunday, June 9, 2013

The European Tour: Stuttgart

Not my tour. DoodleBug's. Because opportunities fall into the lap of the lovelies but not their mother.

So, I travel vicariously.

DoodleBug and Gibbsterrific (friend and roomie) had this trip thrust upon them by the generosity of friends and Gibbs' dad. Must. Be. Nice.

I wouldn't know, personally.

These two girls enjoyed Europe for 21 days. Twenty-one.

Lucky. Ducks.

The first leg of the journey took them to Stuttgart, Germany where they spent 7 days nannying for two little darlings belonging to friends.

Please forgive the fact that the video/song will just cut off at the end. It took me forever to get this thing going with the music...the last slideshow I made was on my computer not this poopy headed thing I'm using until I get a new one.

Next, Zurich and the Alps! Stay tuned!


  1. Nice job Mom! Looks like an amazing place and those little ones were having fun with your little one and friend!! HugsXX

  2. Very blessed indeed to take this trip. Looks like a fun time in Germany. Can't wait to see the rest of their trip. Love the one with the kids crying!!!

  3. What cutie pies those two, bet they had more fun than Doodlebug..

  4. Sounds like a good deal - do some nanny work and get an international trip from it. Most of my trips were (no more :( were business and picked up by a company. It typically worked out well but not always.
    nice pics

  5. awww...the life of the young and beautiful! Looks like your daughter loved those little cuties. I'd pay to have someone love and care for my children like that!

  6. Wouldn't that be lovely. I'm here too, anyone, in case you're giving away trips to Europe to not-quite-so-young and not-quite-so-lovelies. lol

    How fantastic for them!

  7. Barb- Thanks! They all had such a great time.

    Debby- That's one of my favorites too! Such a great opportunity for them!

    Alessandra- You might be right about that! LOL

    bill- I've never been to Europe. But all of the lovelies have. What's wrong with THAT picture? LOL

    Rosemary- Yeah, such a hard life. LOL They had such a great time and those kids are delightful!

    Judy- I know what you mean. I'm also here...but no one offered me a darn thing. LOL

  8. Sounds like a great opportunity! Ahhh, to be young : )
    I love the song you picked, btw : )


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