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Photo Listicles

Summer vacay is still underway. I've got some home improvement projects to begin this week. But first---

It's time for the wonderfully entertaining Monday Listicles! 

This week, we're listing The 10 Top Photos I've Taken. Next week it will be Ten Things Summer. 

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There was an undeveloped subdivision next to ours for about 8 years or so. I used to love to go over there to walk Tucker and take pictures of the wildlife--especially the birds.It's no longer undeveloped and the contractors/builders/home owners have succeeded in destroying animal habitats and killing off as much nature as they could. There are two ponds in the middle of the subdivision that are still there. But the birds that frequent them have dwindled. Significantly.

How glorious would it have been had the powers that be chosen to keep that area as a park or a nature reserve or something of the sort (it's not like we NEED another subdivision around here). But, sadly AND as usual, their greed for money won out over the flora and fauna. So typical around here. So very typical.

And all for what? For homes that START at $480,000 and take about a month or less to throw up. While there are structures sitting empty all over our town. Their love of money sure does rule over their lives.

10 Photos of the Wildlife That was Run Off by Nature Killers (if this was posted on fb, I would follow it with: #pultehomes; #constructionofhomesnotneeded)











Anyone destroying nature in your neck of the woods?


  1. stunning and glorious pics. maybe if those greedy powers saw these pics of how wonderful nature is, they might not have been so quick to destroy it. sad.
    That's why I like our small town -- they have a mandate to not allow the town to exceed a certain population and there are tons of green spaces that are protected; including a fabulous grove that is perfect for nature walks.

  2. Oh I love the Osprey. They are my favorite. Such gorgeous photos. So sorry the group lost. When we were in Atlanta -- midtown -- a group got a preserve protected from developers because they found a special owl that nested there. I would have NEVER believed they could have done it -- intown in such a metropolitan area. Hope things change for your space.

  3. GORGEOUS photos! The birds in motion are my favorite. To think, all that lived within a short walk. Makes me want to cry when I see new additions going up.

  4. Hello! I haven't stopped by in ages - I need to add you to my reader - stat! Luckily, we have marsh land all around us that you can't build on - when our dog was alive I used to take him there through the trails - so much to smell!

    Enjoy your summer projects! :D

  5. Dropping by to see how you are doing :)
    Love the photos.

  6. Really gorgeous pictures! I'm trying to catch up a bit in the blogosphere today. I should be cleaning my house, but this is more fun : )

  7. Gorgeous photos with a cause. It is so crazy that we think we need more subdivisions and strip malls.

  8. Rory- Thank you! Ha- our powers that be would probably use the photos as a means to entice more people down here and build more subdivisions. There is a nature walk 1.5 miles from our house- it's not very much of one but it does lead to the marsh and there is a dog park inside. Which is nice. But we really could use more things like that.

    Muse- This is Charleston. Money speaks. Period. The osprey is one of my most favorites too!He had a fish with him that day.

    coop- I hate it too. I loved going over there and taking pictures. And the birds in flight are my faves too.

    bizzy!!! I've missed you! I haven't even seen you in my email in forEVER. We have a nature trail that leads to the marsh 1.5 miles from our house. And there's another trail that we aren't supposed to take that leads to the marsh behind our subdivision. Only the rich people in that subdivision are allowed back there.

    Renee- Thanks! On both counts! :)

    Betty- Thank you!

    Joyce- Thanks! Cleaning house? That's what I'm doing. I mean have been doing. I mean will do later. LOL

  9. Those pictures are stunning. I have herons that fly over my new place, it's amazing. Luckily here there are an amazing amount of green spaces and the city plans around it. Even Toronto has made great strides in the last few years, cleaning up the Don River, reclaiming abandoned industrial sites. There is hope.


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