Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The European Tour: Paris

I think that Paris was DoodleBug's favorite part of her European tour.

From a few of her emails:
  •   We're safely in Paris!!! We got off the train and figured out how to take the metro to our hostel. (impressive, huh?). We just got to the hostel about twenty minutes ago-it's so cool! I think it's kind of in the ghetto...but the people staying here are super nice.
  • The hostel is this little house with two bedrooms downstairs and an attic upstairs that is split into three rooms. There is a toilet room, a bathroom (shower), and a room with two sinks. There's also a common room with a laptop-where I'm writing this email. The guy who runs it is so nice! It's just a really calm spot. We're exhausted from yesterday and our train ride today, so we're just going to lay low tonight and plan for the next few days.
  • Dinner is in about half an hour, so I may grab a shower before because I feel so gross. Also, I stepped in dog poop on the walk here and it got on my pants- awesome. 
  • It's so much fun here!!! We've met so many great people from all over, we're currently drinking wine with people in the common room, so many great stories! We're going to the Eiffel Tower tomorrow, I'll send pics. Miss you!!!!!! Love!!! 
  •  We had an awesome day in Paris- we went to the Eiffel Tower, l'arc de triumphe, and the champs élysées.
  •  We've met some cool people and one person from the hostel came around with us all day, super fun. We're going out tonight, but were going with a group so well be safe! Tomorrow is supposed to be raining so were going to hit the museums and indoor stuff. I'll let you know what we do!!! 
  • The people who run this hostel are really nice, and really clean. All four of us are in our room and the lady literally just busted in to vacuum, kind of hilarious.
  • Anyway, I also met this really hot French guy while we were out at the bars last night...
Oh my.

All of her emails from Paris contained loads of exclamation marks though the excitement would have come through without them.

Ok, while you're watching the slideshow, see if you can figure out from two of the pictures why I chose this particular song. Besides the fact that DoodleBug is a MAJOR Joni Mitchell fan that is..

Did you guess the reason for the song?

Part 4 of the European tour is coming--- Amsterdam and back to Stuttgart!


  1. Oh, how I want to go to Paris but being older, I think I need my own hotel room, not hostels for me. Oh to be young and adventurous, although, I know, age shouldn't stop you BUT I know me, I need my own room :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  2. J'aime Paris! I am so glad that she is loving Paris. It is so cool and I can't wait to go back. On June 24th two years ago we took a boat ride on The River Seine at 11 pm at night. It was our anniversary.


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