Monday, June 10, 2013

The European Tour: Zurich and the Alps

If you're looking for the Monday Listicles post, it's just below this one!

At the end of their first 7 days in Europe, DoodleBug and Gibbsterrifc headed out for Zurich, Switzerland. Gibbsterrific has an auntie and uncle living in Zurich so the girls stayed with the family. This was fantastic not only because it's awesome to be able to stay with locals when you're visiting a foreign country but it also cuts your mother's worry way down! Face it, you do tend to hold your breath when your kid is traveling. At least until she returns home.

While in Zurich, they took a trip and train ride to see the Alps.  

Stay tuned for Paris and Amsterdam! 


  1. Amazing photos. A place I'd always wanted to visit but seeing that snow...yuck! So great they had the family to stay with!

  2. Barb- What? YOU don't like snow??? I'm shocked! LOL

  3. How beautiful and what a nice video!

  4. How fun for them to go there and how beautiful too!
    We booked our plane tickets to go see my daughter, SIL and grandson in Vienna. We go at the end of July. We will be going to Vienna, Luxenbourg and Frankfort before coming home. I am over the MOON excited to see that little grandson of mine....

  5. Now that I read your reply to my comment on your first post about this, I imagine you must really be wondering what it's like there. Does your lovely speak much german?

  6. Oh my, what fun she is having!

  7. Such a stunning corner of the world! We have two sets of friends living in Zurich and made many trips to the Alps when we lived abroad. The mountains really are too beautiful for words.

  8. Kim- I can't believe how gorgeous the alps are. I would be terrified though! Too high for me! :)

    Melody- I'm so glad y'all are getting to go over and see them! I know how excited you must be!

    bill- I'm not really a travel bug. Never have been. There are very few places I'm even curious about. DoodleBug does not speak much German but everyone spoke English so it worked out nicely.

    Stasha- She had a wonderful time! So glad she had the opportunity.

    Cathy- Thanks!

    Joyce- I've really enjoyed the pictures but I'm thinking they're way too high for my liking in real life! LOL

    Lucy- I agree! They had such a blast!

  9. The Alps are truly beautiful and Zurich is a very nice city, even if they all speak Can do without the snow though, yuck!

  10. I so relate to worrying about kids traveling abroad. Our third son won a scholarship at UNC to travel abroad. He was solo for a great deal of it until his cousin joined him in Spain. He had a ball, I got gray hairs! Sounds like a fantastic journey for Ms DoodleBug!

  11. Alessandra- They do seem to be gorgeous. The girls loved Zurich but said it was too expensive there.

    Sush- I understand completely! LOL

  12. Thank you so much. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the video. It's so beautiful and I just want to be there with them!


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