Friday, July 26, 2013

Hot Frag, Summer in the City

It continues to be a summer of rainy afternoons. I do love the rain but it's causing some problems for some folks around here. Our town only sits six feet above sea level and we are now over 16 inches above our rainfall average for the year. Which means we aren't really drying out before the next rainfall hits. It is nice how green everything is but it's not so nice that a friend's house is sinking. It has something to do with a combination of what the builder did not do right with the foundation and all this rainfall. They are up to nearly $100,000 in damage at this point. Their builder is now poorly constructing under the guise of Pulte Homes. The same group that is destroying nature in that subdivision next to ours. This whole building thing is out of control in our town. When was it that they started caring way more about their wallets than the homes they're building and the families that will occupy those homes? If they're poorly constructing these houses that cost home owners half a million (for the smallest one) in a month and a half, is it the builder's greed or the home owner's stupidity? Makes me wonder if the quality of the building supplies has dropped considerably as well.

On a lighter, brighter, happier note- DoodleBug celebrated her 22nd birthday this week! It's hard to believe that the baby of the family is 22. TWENTY. TWO. Wow. I don't even want to tell y'all how old that makes me. LOL

She requested shrimp and grits, fried avocados and red velvet cupcakes. And she got it!

Seems it takes several people to light SO MANY CANDLES---

That's my soon-to-be SIL on the left. With the smile. LOVE HIM! But still don't have a name for him that I really like...still thinking...

Blowing out the candles---

Apprently, it takes more breath and more than one try to blow out SO MANY CANDLES! LOL

There's only two and a half weeks left of summer vacation. I'm mixed on my feelings about that. Meanwhile, I'm going to enjoy every second because I'm sure it'll only take a month or so back before I want another break. LOL

Hope y'all have a marvelous weekend! 

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  1. Happy Birthday to DoodleBug! I feel so bad for your friend and her house situation.

  2. Patrice- Thanks! I know- I'm not sure what we'd do if we had that problem. Just live here until it fell in I guess.

    Keetha- Thanks!

  3. So glad it turned out to be a nice birthday party. Your SIL to be is quite the cutie pie. I love that picture of him.
    You have had that much rain this year? Wow, after the two years you had of no rain this has to be really different.
    I wish we could trade. I am sick to death of sunshine. The heat just never stops. Every day it is at least 102 Which means it is a 150 in my garden. Or I sweat like it.
    Two weeks until school? Gee Whiz. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. We are getting a ton of rain, too. Our garden is dying because it is just too darn wet. I don't think we are going to get any veggies out of it at all. Very disappointing.

    As for the tale of the builder... it is not an uncommon tale. I think we are in another Real Estate Bubble, Stock Market Bubble, and Dollar Bubble. The economy is headed for a big crash. People like builders probably feel that better than you and I and really feel the pressure to make the most out of this bubble before it pops. Ergo, slap up as many houses as they can, as cheap as they can, and get out quick.

    Doodle Bug's birthday looks amazing. I love avocado, but I have never eaten it fried. I imagine you are talking about just frying slices of avocado, no? I am curious about this now...

  5. That really sucks about your friends home. I really dislike builders who work like that. Hard to say who is at fault. You would think that they are building according to regulations but they probably pay somebody off to fudge the records.

    Looks like Doodlebug had a fun party. Future (no name) SIL is adorable!

  6. She only looks about 16. So cute and Happy Birthday to her.

  7. Kim- We're still only going as high as the low 90s thankfully. Heat bothers me in a scary kind of way. I just don't like it. Yep, only two and a half more weeks. I'm trying to get ready. Sort of. :)

    Robin- First, before I forget- I'm having trouble commenting on your blog. I can get there and read it but I can't get the comment section to come up OR, if it does, I can't get the comment to post. So, know that I'm reading just not able to post a comment. This has been going on for a couple of weeks now. The avocados were cut into chunks. The coating was coconut flour and they were fried in coconut oil. All organic, of course. :)

    Debby- I know. Poor thing! Ha! Maybe I'll name him 'NoNameSonInLaw'! LOL

    Cathy- She is a young looker, isn't she? Thanks!

  8. I want one of those cupcakes, looks like a lot of birthday fun. Can't wait to hear Son-in-law number two's name. Maybe Super-Son-in-Law? That is pretty equal to Best-Son-in-Law-Ever. Right? Well, Good Luck.

    Oh, I know what you mean about those expensive quick home, I was always a tad leery of them and now many around us are not fairing to well. We are glad we purchased older homes, they take upkeep but something about their longevity has been proven. Plus, our pocketbook wasn't fitting with the other homes lol.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  9. What a fun birthday party ! Everyone looks like they were having a great time.

    I think the poor building stuff started when things were crazy out of control and people were throwing stuff up left and right. I just don't think it got better when things dropped off. It's sad!

  10. The birthday dinner sounds delicious! The cupcakes look great! Glad you taught her to hold her hair back so it doesn't catch fire! Looks like a great time!! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Happy Birthday DoodleBug
    Good to see she was careful not to burn her hair on those candles.
    I have carpenters in the family. I've heard some interesting stories about the multiple houses being built at once projects. The bigger the company the more they focus on cost vs. quality.

  12. My uncle is a general contractor and he can testify to the poor quality goods used to build houses these days. He gave my parents some pointers when they did recent updates on their house. He claims that the materials are so cheaply made and poor quality now that he could punch right through the exterior wall of a newly built house. Crazy and crappy :-(

    Aw, I remember 22. Great age to turn. Can't wait to hear what the son in law gets named. Have a good one yourself.

  13. Happy birthday DoodleBug and many many more,

  14. Lucy- Normally, I'd offer you one. But I left them in the oven too long and they were a little burnt on the bottom and top. Got to watch it with that coconut flour. LOL I feel the same way about the older homes. Ours was built just before things got sloppy. Thankfully. I can also relate to them not fitting our purses.

    Gail- Thanks! I'll pass it on!

    nancy- We did have a nice time. She celebrated with friends all week long! Most of them are new teachers and enjoying their summer before reality sets in. :)

    Terri- Funny you should mention the hair. She pulled it back AFTER she was reminded. And she was reminded because it almost caught fire. LOL

    bill- Thanks! Yeah, she pulled that hair back AFTER she nearly caught it on fire. LOL We have a contractor across the street who still does quality work. But you are so right about those big companies.

    Tettelestai- I have often wondered if the quality of the supplies themselves have decreased as well as the actual building. Crazy and crappy is exactly right! Thanks!

    Mami- Thanks!

  15. Happy birthday (belated) to Doodle Bug!
    Hope your Friday was great!


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