Tuesday, July 16, 2013

On The Fringe of Chatting

It's been such a nice, easy summer. I'm so grateful to be able to enjoy such a nice time during the hottest months. Usually I'm just complaining about the heat. Of course, this could be because I've been sitting inside, in the AC, watching 'Fringe' on Netflix. I never saw it when it was running on Fox because, I just don't usually watch much television....new television anyway. But I started 'Fringe' and I can't stop. It's an addiction. HELP! :)

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Everyday Ruralty

  1. Have you cooked any interesting dishes lately? Nope. I've been too busy watching 'Fringe' to even consider new or interesting dishes. I barely stop to throw supper together. 
  2. What question would you like to ask Wendell? Has Patrice let you watch 'Fringe'? It's CAH-RAE-ZEE! 
  3. Have you had any thoughts of Christmas yet? Yes. Just the other day while watching an episode of 'Fringe'...Hahahaha! I'm joking. I did have a thought of Christmas just the other day but it wasn't while watching ''Fringe.'
  4. Do you make jams and jellies? No. I have done it before but not in YEARS. My grandmother did it every summer and hers were delicious! Besides, these days, jellies and jams remind me of gross things I've seen on 'Fringe'. LOL 
  5. Do you have any board games that you enjoy? Does Trivial Pursuit count as a board game? 'Cause we LOVE that one! WAIT! Do they have one based on 'Finge'? Hahahahahahaha! 
That was fun! Hope y'all will forgive my silliness with 'Fringe'! 

Hope y'all are having a most wonderful week! 


  1. This heat wave has me inside too...glad you're enjoying your new fond!...:)JP

  2. OK, so I guess I am going to have to watch an episode of Fringe! Lol (Like I need another addiction)

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  4. Pam, you're funny. I'm not much of a TV watcher. I never heard of Fringe, unless you're talking about the fringe of a garment! Haha!

  5. Okay, now I'm wondering if I need to check out Fringe.

  6. I haven't watched Fringe, but will put it on my list. Thanks for the subtle suggestion : )

  7. Ok, now I have to see what Fringe is about! You think I'll like it? haha

  8. You're hilarious!
    I better not even try Fringe, cos there aren't enough hours in my day as is.
    I've rose petals in the fridge for 5 days now, hoping each day to make jam, better do it tomorrow or they'll end up in the bin!
    Seriously, one of the things I love about summer holidays is that you can decadently do things like read loads or watch Fringe!

  9. Oh, we get hooked on the shows, too. I don't need to start Fringe!! No!!!

  10. We have enjoyed Trivial Pursuit in the past, too. It was really fun. We didn't usually do the board game part of it, however. We just asked each other the questions. We love trivia. :)

    Have a great week!

  11. I saw Fringe on Netflix the other day. I wondered about it, but of course my kids had already given me the stink eye about watching it and said it wasn't Mom and Dad appropriate. They are always telling us that and we secretly laugh our heads off when they aren't looking. It was their favorite show when it was on T.V. I have really enjoyed Netflix this summer too. Nice Chat Pam.

  12. Hi, Pam! It's Wendell. I have never watched Fringe. I'm not into sci-fi. It's too similar to day to day life, living with this crazy pony. I think he came from another planet. Maybe his mane is his fringe. Fringe- hmmm? That sounds like fridge. And you know what's in the drawer in the fridge- CARROTS. To answer your question, yes, I watch carrots! Horse Hugs, Wendell the Great (and handsome)


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