Monday, July 15, 2013

What's Awesome About Your Family?

It's time for the wonderfully entertaining Monday Listicles! 

This week, we're listing 10 Little Things That Make Your Family Awesome. Next week will be 10 Things You Buy Every Week.   

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I'm putting a little spin on this week's list. It will be a bit female oriented. Are you shocked? LOL

10 Little Things That Make My Family Awesome
  1. Daughters! No offense to those with sons (I have three brothers whom I love dearly) but, DAUGHTERS RULE! 
  2. No grudge holders.None of us girls hold grudges. I think it helps that there's someone within the extended family who does hold grudges and we've seen first hand how ugly that is.  
  3. Comedians abound. If you need/want a laugh, come hang out with us when all 5 of us gals are together. You won't be sorry. But your stomach muscles will ache. 
  4. Tight knit.We are a tight group of five women (I can't believe my children are women and not little girls). And I mean tight. We are all there for one another in every situation. We stick together- regardless.  
  5. Supportive. I've never quite witnessed such support as we give one another. And encouraging as well. 
  6. Loyalty. The five of us are loyal to one another. Probably to a fault. 
  7. Creativity and talents galore! I don't even know where to start on this one. There's hardly anything at least one of us can't do from music to sewing to creating from scratch to painting get the idea. 
  8. Independent thinkers. Each and every one of us thinks for herself. We are not influenced by the opinions of others. Our beliefs are not based on other people's suggestions. 
  9. Feisty. It's not wise to tangle with one of us. I pity the fool who gets all of us angry at once. Ha!  
  10. Stubborn. Each and every one of us stands her ground. Vehemently. 
Some might think that some of these qualities are not exactly good or positive. I disagree. I love that we are strong, independent women who love life. I love that we stand our ground and support and encourage one another. I love that we laugh A LOT and have so much fun together. I love our similarities AND our differences. Being the mom to these four lovelies is the best thing I've ever had the good fortune to do! 

Ok, what makes y'alls family awesome?!  


  1. Not to mention this list is just what you call them The lovelies. I think you are so blessed and I do love this list and I wish I could have been apart of such a family. It could be why our family now is so clannish and I could have written the same list. I think Pam we have been really, really blessed.

  2. I like you and your family!! :)

    Great list!

  3. Kim- I agree that we have been really, really blessed. Except for one thing- we live too far apart. :)

    Terri- Thank you! That's so sweet!

  4. "bit female oriented" - really? I did play along one week but I know of only one other guy joining in. That is ok.
    In fact since you listed #9 and #10 - I would say this is one of the best lists I've ever read.

  5. You have a terrific family!
    My family-- big, loud, a little crazy, 4 generations around the dinner table, lots of pets/animals, every one's an ice cream lover-- And I miss them all the time.

  6. I wasn't shocked by any of this, overtime and reading your blog I have come to feel all of this about your lovely girls and you :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  7. Love your list, and from what I've read on this blog, it's all true. Your family get along so well together. I love to see the pics and read the reports of your get-togethers, always a laugh.
    Well done on raising such a beautiful, strong, loving family.

  8. You just described my mom and her 5 sisters. They are amazing. Strong, loving, smart, talented...loyal; just the most awesome bunch of ladies I could ever be blessed to have as influence growing up.
    If anyone ever pays me a compliment - I always say I owe it to my mom and her sisters.


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