Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sizzlin' Chat

I hope it's cooler on Patrice's porch than it is here on mine. I'm sweating just thinking about it!

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Everyday Ruralty

  1. Bacon or sausage? If vegetarian, what do you have for breakfast? It just depends on what it's on or what else is for breakfast though I don't eat either very often. Maybe about three times a year. And it's usually turkey based. 
  2. Do you take time to "smell the roses"? Not as often as I'd like. 
  3. What's your favorite stone fruit? (Peaches,nectarines,plums, apricots, and cherries are i n the stone fruit family.) It's a tie between nectarines and cherries with cherries taking a slight lead most of the time. 
  4. What is the thing people notice most about your personality? ( quiet- outgoing- polite-funny-etc.) Nutty. Crazy. Outspoken. Opinionated. Stubborn. I don't like where this is going...LOL
  5. Is there a hobby that you have wanted to do, but haven't started yet? Not that I can think of right now. Of course, after I post this, several things will probably come to mind. Ha!
Have a great Tuesday, y'all!


  1. I always think of things I could have written after I do my post.

  2. Haha. Laughed at #4. And please give me the peaches you don't want. They're my FAVORITE. :-)

  3. MKM- Isn't it annoying? LOL

    Judy- I laughed too...up to a point. LOL I love peaches too- in cobbler or ice cream. :)

  4. I am with you on the cherries. I love cherries.
    I do have a peach tree that that has the best peaches. But it is a late one.
    I hope you have a wonderful day.

  5. LOL Pam. Great responses. Happy Tuesday to you. =-D

  6. Kim- They are delish, aren't they? I like peaches but in a cobbler or ice cream. They just can't stand alone. OH and peach daiquiris are nice too. LOL

    Kimberly- Thanks! And to you as well!

  7. Ahhh...confessions of a NUT!...:)JP

  8. I like peaches best, but cherries are a close second.

    People notice me for my stubbornness, too, but I prefer to call it tenacity.

  9. Nectarines and cherries are both good.

    Stubborn...I didn't think about that, but I might could be that too. lol

  10. I always think of more to say afterwards, too. That's why my blog title starts "PS" haha.

    It has been hot here, too. It was 101 at one point this afternoon, probably about 110 heat index at that point.

    I love cherries, too. :)

    Have a great week!

  11. Wendell says he will s top and smell the roses with you if you ever visit. He may try to eat them, but we'll just overlook that part. :)


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