Monday, July 8, 2013

Smiley Listicles

It's time for the wonderfully entertaining Monday Listicles! 

This week, we're listing The 10 Words That Make You Smile. Next week it will be 10 Little Things That Make Your Family Awesome.   

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Ten Words That Make Me Smile
  1. HOLIDAY (especially Christmas, for so very many reasons!).
  2. DAUGHTERS (maybe because I have 4 and they're so freaking awesome!).
  3. LEARNING (because it is always a good thing and something we should never stop doing).
  4. GRANDMOTHER and GRANDDADDY (because mine were so wonderful!).
  5. HONEY (because this is what I called my dad when I was a toddler.).
  6. TUCKER (because he's my sweet pup and because of what my brother THOUGHT I said when I told him the dog's name was 'Tucker.').
  7. FRIEND (because I have one who was MIA for a long time but we are back and because of the wonderful friends I have at school!).
  8. YES (who doesn't smile when they get a 'yes'?).
  9. CONNIPTION (because my grandmother always used this in reference to how someone might react to something. NOTE: a conniption fit is NOT to be confused with a hissy fit. A conniption is way more serious...LOL)
  10. PO-PO (I can't even type the word without chuckling.). 

I've got a plethora of words from which to choose but we're only supposed to list ten. 

What words make you smile?


  1. What a nice list. Yes, I do know the difference between a conniption and a hissy fit. How is that I wonder?

    I think that you calling your Dad, honey is just so cute. I bet you were just adorable.
    I laughed what I think your brother thought Tucker was named. :) Have a great Monday!

  2. Kim- Thanks! And here I was thinking that only southerners knew the difference. LOL My brother is a NUT. :)

  3. My grandma used 'conniption' too. :-) Love your distinction between the two types of fits. lol

    I like the word reciprocity because I love how it sounds. And it sounds as nice as it is.

    I also smile when I hear the word obnoxious because when I was about 10 we were on a trip with my grandma and grandpa. She used the word 'obnoxious' every time I snapped my bubble gum. :-)

  4. Judy- We knew we were in for it if someone was having a conniption. But if it was just a hissy, no problem. LOL My grandmother always said I was 'pixilated.' I hated it until I learned what it meant. Well, the second definition. Ha!

  5. Holiday is a great one - especially if I could leave the kids at home.

  6. Wayne- Right. Until your nest is empty, like mine, and you wish you had all those kid-filled holidays back. :)

  7. I love the word 'honey' - it just brings up a lot of romantic flashbacks that makes me smile. 'Po-po' is a funny word...I'm laughing now.

    Happy Monday Listicles!
    Yona from

  8. Yona- I do too. I love to taste it and the color of raw honey is so pretty. And then there's my dad. LOL I think po-po is funny too. We always call the police the po-po these days.

  9. Fabulously endearing list!

  10. What do you know about the po-po?
    That sentence made me laugh.
    Fun list.

  11. Gotta be a story behind Po-Po right? Well, I smiled with you today :)

  12. Love that you have so many connected to family. I'm sure you'll have a great list next week as well. Happy Monday!

  13. CONNIPTION! Can't remember the last time I used that fabulous word-- My late father always used to say it. I LOVE that word. I'll be using it every chance I get now. Thanks for the reminder.


  14. nancy- Thanks!

    CLR- Thank you!

    Rachee- I know that I try to avoid contact with them. LOL Thanks!

    Lucy- Isn't there always? LOL I'm glad you smiled!

    Kerry- It's hard to do anything that's not connected to family. Mine being all crazy and stuff. LOL Thanks!

    Joanna- I love it too! You're welcome! :)

  15. I thot conniption said constipation. THAT made me smile, and out loud, I said, CONSTIPATION? WHO smiles at constipation!!! and then I read it again, and laughed even harder!!


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