Saturday, July 6, 2013

What's Your View?

My favorite summer view so far this season is my backyard. NOT because it's a lovely backyard (because it really isn't at all). NOT because it's kept neat (because it's not). NOT because I enjoy looking at the garden (though I do enjoy that.) NOT because it's fun to watch Tucker lay in wait to try and catch a squirrel or ten (though that really is fun). NOT because I derive great pleasure from watching the birds at the feeders and taking their picture in the birdbath (though I really do get a kick out of this).

Nope. It's not because of any of those things. It's because I can see out of the kitchen window on the back of the house!

Thaaat's right. I've cleaned the kitchen window. WooHoo!

I love that my kitchen sink has a window above. I love even more that that window is clean now.

I can see the squash, zucchini and eggplant---

I can see some black-eyed Susan's---

I can see some tomatoes---

I can see a bag of cedar chips that I have to put down whenever the rain stops. I'm not complaining about the rain- the garden LOVES it.

And, if I stretch to the right, I can see the birdbath---

Today, nearly one week later, I cleaned the windows in my office. I would have cleaned them sooner but the rain has been torrential for quite some time. Days as a matter of fact.

I can see many things from these windows too---

My flowers---

And the birdbath...I could also see that it needed cleaning...

One of my twirly thingys---

I could see that my squash that was perfectly healthy last weekend are now dead...dang least the eggplant is still hanging in there...

I could see that something had disturbed the bird feeder---

So I went out and cleaned the birdbath and righted the bird feeder---

And came back inside where I saw the bird feeder disrupt-or---

Chowing down on some bird seed---

The rain soon returned---

 After which this little guy showed up---

I don't enjoy washing windows one little bit. But I sure do enjoy those windows after the fact.

What's outside your windows?


  1. And all outside your window! What a nice way to look at life.
    I love how green everything is and how pretty it is all there in your backyard.

  2. Kim- It's so green because of all the rain. I've really enjoyed it this summer. Those rains just lush everything up so nice! Now, however, I spend my time watching for the birds instead of doing the things I need to do before school starts back! LOL

  3. You saw an amazing amount of beautiful scenes out of your nice clean kitchen window.
    I see a large maple tree, our deck and picnic table and the woods behind our house. No flowers though, my kitchen window has a north view, not conducive to flower growing on this side of the house.

  4. It always feels good when you get those chores finished and then time to enjoy the views :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  5. I do have a window above the kitchen sink and I love to look at my plastic flamingo under the palm tree. Your views are wonderful!!

  6. You definitely have a green yard, and I love that bird. When I look outside my window, I see brown exciting! ;)

  7. Elizabeth- I'm so glad to have that window finally cleaned! I put it off all the time because it's just not easy. But it really is nice to look out a clean window! I do LOVE maple trees!

    Lucy- Yes it does!

    Jeanne- I don't know what I'd do without a window over my sink! It makes doing dishes much more pleasant. Our palm is in the front flamingo though. :)

    Alessandra- The rain has greened everything up quite nicely. Brown dirt---LOL Seriously? :)

  8. What beautiful photos! If the views out my windows were as beautiful as yours I would never get anything done! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Enjoyed all the photos! Love the blacked eyed Susan's and the squirrel is so cute. Love the cardinal too!
    Best of all I love clean windows.


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