Friday, August 2, 2013

Fraggin' Down South

Seems the Fridays are coming faster now. Must have something to do with the oncoming school year.

I had some things to say this week. But I opted for humor. And yes, I can post this without fear of retribution. After all, I am a southern woman born and bred!


Hope y'all have a marvelous weekend! 

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Unknown Mami

Keep laughing!


  1. That was just too funny!! Love it, and will be sharing the link. Thanks!

  2. No yankee who's never lived in the south will have a CLUE about Duke's mayo. Nor will they "get" the finer art of the "nice nasty." :-)

  3. Terri- I loved it too! I've grown up hearing most of those words and phrases! :)

    Keetha- So true! I have a friend who is the MASTER of the 'nice nasty'. She's a hoot! LOL

  4. When we moved to Virginia, one of the first meetings I went to with my peers is when I heard "dumb as dirt" and "bless your heart"...I learned quickly from Southern women becasue I did not "fall off the turnip truck"...:)JP

  5. The video was hilarious, and so 'southern' :) Those ladies could easily be my friends and neighbors!

  6. bless her heart - these women did a great series of clips. Some of it is really just rural stuff like tree stands and dumb as dirt.
    thanks sugar

  7. JP- Hahahaha! You're a riot! :)

    Kathy- They ARE my friends and family. LOL

    bill- LOL I grew up hearing pretty much all of those words/phrases. The one that I LOVE is the Dukes Mayonnaise one. We never use any other mayo in this house. :)

  8. That was hilarious. I may not talk with a southern accent but I use all of those phrases. Oh my gosh that is so funny. They didn't say Heeeeell Yeah though. I of course called my grandmother meemaw too.
    I grew up with my grand parents saying, " come over here and give me some sugar.:)
    Of course, there was always a pitcher of sweet tea in the fridge too.
    I enjoyed that. Have a great weekend.

  9. AH ah, 'he's a goober", loved it!

  10. I've lived in Georgia for ten years. Some of these people I worked with, some were my neighbors, and I swear to God that one was my former sister-in-law... bless her heart.

  11. Kim- Glad you enjoyed it! There are three more and, during one of them, one of the women says, "I can't believe she's getting married during football season!" That is SO ME! LOL

    Lucy- Good! I'm glad!

    Alessandra- I call people 'goober' all the time. There are a few other things I use from that video as well. LOL

    Debby- Glad you enjoyed it!

    Robin- LOL You're such a hoot! BTW- I still can't comment at your blog. I have no idea what's up.


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