Friday, August 9, 2013

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Frags Of Summer

Here come those Fridays all speedy quick and everything again. I've enjoyed my lazy, hazy days of summer this year. I purposely took my time and appreciated every single day. It was worth the effort it took to slow down and pay attention. 

My new desk finally arrived this week and it's taking me quite some time to put it all together. When I first opened the box I thought I was going to cry. So many pieces! And the hardware! Holy crap! It took me all day yesterday to get it to the point where I needed a helper. We'll be finishing it tonight- fingers crossed- and I do not ever want to put together another desk again. EVER. 

Meanwhile, in 'crapthatgoeswronginthehouse' news- I asked the husband yesterday if he was going to ever repair the shower nozzle in the second bathroom. 

Him: I didn't know there was a problem with it.
Me: Really? You shower in there a couple of times every week and you didn't notice that it was spurting water from the wall part? And that this has been going on for MONTHS and now it's so bad it's spurting outside the tub? Whatever. If you're not going to fix it, I'll go buy a new one.
Him: It's probably just the washer. But if you feel the need to go out and buy a new one, go ahead. If nobody tells me something is wrong, I can't fix it. 

I swear y'all, he DOES shower in there a couple to a few times every single week. How he didn't notice this is beyond me. Anyway---he comes home at lunch to replace the washer. I hear mumbling and grumbling. And then:
Him: Well, I guess I'll stop by Lowes after work and buy a new nozzle. 

What a great idea. Wish I'd thought of that. 


Breezy was in the wedding of a dear college friend of hers last month and the pictures are up. While looking through them I realized that all I do in this situation is look for the pictures with my kid in them. And my kids are all in their 20s. I really should go back and check out all the shots. I guess.

Do y'all do that?

We had an inservice at school today. It was so fantastically wonderful to see my sweet, wonderful, smart, caring, etc friends! I've missed them all so much! There is still a week and a half 'til school starts though. And that is wonderful!

It's so good to be back at Mrs. 4444's Half-Past Kissin' Time for the Friday Fragments! We've missed you! And I'm so glad that we still got to frag in your absence thanks to the Unknown Mami!  

Hope y'all have a most wonderful weekend! 


  1. This summer has flown by for me. I wish I had done a better job of slowing down.

    It drives me crazy when hubby is so sure he knows better than I only to end up realizing different yet never acknowledging it. Sheesh indeed!

    Happy Friday.

  2. I can understand your frustration with putting together a desk. Long story better left unsaid!

  3. I tried the same with making the days go by really slow, now it's back to work time next week...
    p.s. I do the same with the pics, only look at the ones with my relatives in them...

  4. Husbands, shaking my head.
    If I don't know the other kids, yeah, I skim for just my own too.
    I have never put any furniture together, I would pull my hair out.

    Hope your weekend is going well :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  5. You're so funny! I guess we all do that with photos, but probably don't admit it!!
    My hubby would be exactly the same, he just doesn't see/notice things, and guess what? My 3 kids are the same! The house could fall down and they wouldn't even notice, as long as their computers still work. But internet that's a BIG problem and must be fixed immediately!!
    Enjoy rest of your hols!

  6. All husbands have very similar traits when it comes to fixing things around the house. LOL

    Yes, we all look for those familiar and much-loved faces in photos - normal!

    Enjoy the last days of your summer 'vacation'!!

  7. LOL! I totally understand about your hubby. Funny how they just don't see things. Have a great week!


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