Sunday, September 1, 2013

Holy Crap

I've been MIA...more commonly known as 'BacktoschoolHell.'

When you have the position I have, your job is based on funding. Every. Single. Year. What that means is, I never know from one year to the next whether or not I will be teaching anything to anyone.

Yeah, it does kind of suck.

BUT- thanks to the county AND our most wonderful PTA--I am teaching again this year. So are several others.

The first few weeks have been nothing less than completely CRAZY. Though all seems to be falling into place now. Whew.

I could have thrown a few posts together I suppose. But I'm one of those who puts on her blinders when preparing for classes. What can I say- the kids come first.

I just wanted to pop on here today and send a huge "HELLO" to everyone! And to let y'all know that I'm still alive! :)

Hopefully I will soon find my groove and be back to a more normal blogging habit.

Meanwhile- FOOTBALL SEASON IS UNDERWAY! I've been working in front of the television this weekend. College ball is back and the NFL preseason is almost over. This is otherwise known as HEAVEN! Pure HEAVEN!

I also need to catch y'all up on the wedding plans since they decided against London. They booked a venue that I recommended a couple of months ago. When will they learn that mom knows best? LOL

I've MISSED y'all! Back soon!!!

Love and hugs all around!


  1. I have missed you too. Glad to know that it is just school and of course football. :)
    I know you will hit your groove and I can't wait to hear all about wedding plans.
    Have a lovely rest of the weekend.

  2. Hope the craziness is over and the school year is smooth sailing from here on out! Hugs XX

  3. I've missed you, too. Looking forward to hearing more about the wedding! Hope you are getting some rest this weekend, and it's good to hear that some of the craziness of getting everything ready for the kids is behind you.

  4. Things are tight with our budget, too. 24 TAs lost their jobs, but then the system was able to hire some back due to turnover.
    Glad you're still working! :)

  5. Can't wait to hear the wedding details...fill us in! I guess you heard what ass...buggers the North Cackalacky politicians have been with our education funding. Lost asst teachers right and left. Only the most important part of the future of our country and they hit the education budget every time. Hang in there we need you!

  6. Kim- Thanks! We've gone from Charleston to London and now, back to having it in Charleston. At the place I suggested. Go figure. LOL

    Barb- I hope so too. LOL

    Terri- It sure better be behind me. I can't take much more without some Valium or something. LOL

    Betty- I think of you often as well! I'm so glad I can at least see you via Facebook!

    Mary- We thought we might lose 3 interventionists. Thankfully, that did not happen. Amazing, isn't it, how education doesn't keep the kids first?

    Sush- Amen! They do it every time, don't they? Idiots. :)

  7. I also logged on today realizing that getting 'back to school' has totally interrupted my blogging routine! Hope you have a great academic year :)


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