Monday, September 2, 2013

What's Memorable about Summer?

In an effort to get myself back on track with Empty Nest, I'm joining in Stasha's Monday Listicles. The Listicles is such a fun way to make a list and laugh and share with others! 

This week, we're listing 10 Things To Remember This Summer By. Next week's list will be: 10 Things I Shouldn't Know.   

All you have to do to join in with this week's list is click on the button! 


10 Things That Make This Summer Memorable

  1. As usual- the heat and humidity. They are one because it's the low-country of SC and you can't have one without the other. UGH.
  2. The desk from HELL. It took me three days to put this beast together. But it's done!
  3. The rain. We finally had a wet summer! I loved it but my tomatoes did not. It was too much for them.
  4. DoodleBug's birthday! She turned 22. Which was harder for me than when she turned 21 last summer. My baby is 22. Twenty. Two. 
  5. The ups and downs of wedding planning for Birdie and thefuturesoninlawwithnonameyet
  6. Running in the heat and humidity. Until I pulled a muscle. 
  7. BacktoschoolHELL. Good grief but getting back into the swing of school is not fun. Especially when district wants you to implement a new program that you have to learn, install and figure out how exactly to implement it and they tell you this two days before school begins. But they don't give you the program until two days AFTER school starts. 
  8. Publix organic ice cream. I lived on it this summer.
  9. The heat and humidity. Ha!
  10. NFL preseason baby! And the beginning of the college football season! It's all about FOOTBALL for me until February!
And that's my top ten! 

What's on your list? 


  1. Great list but I think you said heat and humidity twice! Was that a typo...hahahahaha! Hugs XX

  2. I loved your list, and my summer was memorable for some of the same reasons--heat, humidity,and rain!

    I've been missing you, but I'm glad to hear that things are settling down a bit for you. Enjoy your Labor Day holiday!

  3. Visiting from Listicles. I am sooooo ready for college football too! Penn State for me :). And I'm with ya on the wedding planning ups and downs...I've got two getting married next summer. Which meant, NO SUMMER GETAWAYS for me this year...couldn't AFFORD it! :)

  4. Barb- You know me. So, no. It wasn't a typo. LOL

    Kathy- I can't begin to tell you how OVER summer I am. I can't wait for cool weather!

    Kathy- I watched the Penn State/Syracuse game this weekend. They looked pretty good! I'm an Ohio State fan which is odd since I was born and raised in the south. Go figure. LOL

  5. Football stands out for me,too. I'll be glued to it until February, too. I was so lucky that I got to make my yearly trek back to Wisconsin in the summer this year. Took my niece and nephew to watch Packers training camp. We had a ball! The weather was nice and comfy, but then after I got back to Sioux Falls, we just went through a heatwave.

  6. Good luck planning a wedding for a not named groom.

  7. Haha. I knew I would hear 'heat,' 'humidity,' and 'football' in this list somewhere! :-) Sorry about the tomatoes, the desk, and the new program you have to implement and the lovely people who expect you to be a genie!

  8. I cringed when I read the school program change and not giving you the program to change until after the school year started...unfortunately so typical for today's way of life!...:)JP

  9. Enjoyed this and will have to remember to join in next week!

  10. ms- Although I am a Panthers fan, I do love the Packers! I've been watching them for a really long time. Really. Long. Time. LOL We've got the heatwave going on to. I'm over it.

    Wayne- The groom has a name, I just haven't come up with a name for him on the blog. He's in competition with BestSonInLawEVER. It's been fun listening to them go on about it. LOL

    Judy- You know me too well! LOL Speaking of genies---I could sure use one!

    JP- It really is! I don't usually mind so much. Until it happens to me. LOL

    Terri- Thanks! It's a fun one!

  11. Don't think I could stand the heat and humidity of your part of the country. I'm spoiled with the temperate weather of the Pacific NW!

    Marie at

  12. Sounds like a busy summer. We could have used a little of your heat. I wouldn't have even minded the humidity.


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