Friday, September 20, 2013

Ten Things I Find To Be True

About kids.

There are so many truths out there about kids. But don't worry. I narrowed mine down to ten. Is my list based on personal experience? Maybe. ;) Hopefully this will give you a chuckle for the weekend!

  1. Really do seem to have a label on them for every conceivable issue they have. Most of the time this is a good know, when a child actually does need help. But, sometimes, the problem is just that a kid is a spoiled brat. Learn to tell the difference.
  2. DO learn from our example. Better make sure you're setting a good one. The whole do-as-I-say-NOT-as-I-do thing is BS. When the lovelies used to tell me I was setting a bad example, I told them to get a new mentor. That didn't work. Some of my bad habits have come back to bite me.
  3. Are going to tell at least one lie to someone- a parent, teacher, friend... expect it. It. Will. Happen. And then people will look at you. Critically. 
  4. Will rebel under certain circumstances. Trying to force a kid to do it your way will not work. Will. NOT.Work. At all. It's like giving them a reason to rebel. And to laugh at your stupidity. 
  5. Will not listen to you or believe you if you are not consistent. Inconsistency in discipline will lead to you losing your credibility with a kid. Let your 'yes' be 'yes' and your 'no' be 'no'. If you aren't going to stick with it, don't let the words out of your mouth to begin with. 
  6. Can run faster than you. It would be best if you figured this out BEFORE they take off in a crowd. 
  7. Find humor in a vast array of situations and words and in the way people look. And they will laugh right then and there. Loudly. And hysterically. And people will look at you. Critically.  
  8. Will speak the truth about what they see. Right in front of the person they've observed. Loudly. 
  9. Have no concept of time. Until it's related to something they want to do. 
  10. Will ask all kinds of questions. But they'll only ask the embarrassing kind in public. Loudly. And they won't let up until you give them a satisfactory answer. 

Now, let's hear your list!


  1. Yeah, so true! And you can make a gazillion wonderful memories for your kids, but they'll be sure to remember the one miserable one. You can compliment them a million times, but they'll remember the one (and ONLY) critical remark. It will happen. Get over it and move on. After all, they're only human (and quite wonderful, and they'll laugh about it when they're parents themselves someday. :-)

  2. Judy- So true! Ah, yes. Grand-parenting. The time when we get the last laugh. LOL I hope I see the day! :)

  3. Oh looks like a GREAT party!
    Your family really know how to enjoy themselves!
    I adore Deanie's idea of Hydrangeas and going to rob that for house decor!
    I know what you mean about busy with school...paperwork makes crazy busy!

    1. Thank you. We really do enjoy each others company. I like the hydrangeas and oranges too. I think we're going to use the same idea for the wedding.

  4. Great post! It's all so true -- and made me smile.

  5. Ha! Yes, they do run faster than us. I make sure to have some other old fart with me during trips to bear country if I plan on gallomping away unscathed.

    1. Smart. Its always good to have another pair of legs around! LOL

  6. Kids...will give you grey hairs! lol Hugs XX

  7. All true and all very well said. I imagine at your work you see this time and time again.
    So when are you writing your book on child raising?

    1. I do see it at work all the time. At least now I can sit back and laugh at the parents. LOL I guess I'll get around to writing about that when I finish writing my empty nest one. And we all know how that's going. haha

  8. #2 and #5 go together - example and follow through.
    #5 changes when they become teens. So often they don't believe your advice no matter how consistent it is.
    good list

  9. Kids... will make you proud and make you want to pull your hair out all at the same time.

    But we wouldn't change a thing. :)


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