Sunday, September 22, 2013

Autumn Has Finally Arrived

Or it will be here at 4:44 this afternoon. The arrival time is perfect as 4:44 holds special meaning in our family. And I'm going to take that as an omen that this fall will be filled with real, Autumn temps!

My weekly email from Pinterest featured boards about Autumn! Autumn recipes to be exact! Let me tell y'all that, as of today, I am all about Autumn foods!

I've made Irish Potato Soup and have a beef stew in the crock pot. I'm trying to decide what my first apple and pumpkin recipes will be and I am thinking, seriously, about having a cup of hot apple juice with mulling spices.

I've taken all my favorite fall recipes out of the big binder and put them in a smaller one for easier, quicker access.

Autumn is my true love.

We don't get the beauty that the folks up north get during these months. And I am quite jealous of that. But, at least I do have the wonderful recipes. And football!

Even though my Panthers suck again this year, I still plant myself in front of the television on Sundays and watch them lose. I look into the stands and see a lot of empty seats. I hear people giving away tickets. We suffer because we have an ineffective coach and ineffective leadership in Cam Newton. There are other reasons as well, but these are the two biggest ones in my opinion.

Cam Newton's pre-game words to the team today had no enthusiasm behind them. His heart is not with this team. The last thing he said was, "Just have fun." Is he freaking kidding me? This is NOT peewee football people. This is the NFL. We are not playing to have fun. We are playing to win games!

Not one single player was pumped up. Not one single player was jumping around like they wanted a piece of the Giants. Not one single player was yelling and shouting and whooping it up. Not one.

But not even this will take my love for Autumn away. I will continue with my favorite recipes and praying for some cold weather and watching football all day Saturdays and Sundays.

And I will also continue to hope for the day when the Panthers owners finally grow a pair and get us a decent coach and some leadership on the field.


  1. Yessss... autumn is my favourite time of year, too. That mulled cider sounds awesome. Enjoy! As for the Panthers... well, can't help you with that. Have another cup of cider and maybe you'll forget about football...

  2. What?! Forget about football? Sacrilege! LOL I do love mulled cider though. :)

  3. Fall means a break in 98 degree weather and 110% humidity. I can feel your happiness!! lol

  4. Thank goodness! I was about to think that the humidity would kill me this year.

  5. Fall....ours comes in late October, here in Florida, but I have also started making big pots of soup, in spite of the humidity and 90° temps.


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