Monday, September 23, 2013

How Grateful Are You?

I heard about the book, 365 Gratefuls by Hailey Bartholomew and decided to check it out. I was impressed.

Bartholomew began the project when she was having feelings of depression She started with some daily journaling which led to the idea of taking a photo every day for one year when she discovered that writing down the little things made her realize how much she had been missing. Each day's photo would show something for which Bartholomew was grateful.

What she found was that the project made it clear how much gratitude affected her life on a daily basis. It also helped improve her mental depression, her spirituality, her relationship with others as well as her physical self. Before long, Bartholomew found it difficult to take just one photo each day. She discovered that there were multiple good, positive, grateful moments in her life every single day.


What a great idea. And not just for moms who are currently raising children. It's a fantastic idea for empty nesters as well.

Some people look forward to living in an empty nest. They have these wonderful husbands with whom they want to spend alone time with. They want to travel and take up new hobbies. They have their empty nest years all planned out.

Not all of us are that lucky. But we do all have daily gratefuls in our lives and, if we pay attention, we'll see them. I didn't have a terrible time with the beginnings of my empty nest. I had some highs and lows and I did my share of stressing but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. And it only took me three years to totally adjust. :)

But, had I thought of this whole photographing the grateful moments thing, I would have given it a go. Why not? It's a great way to see the things that we just can't see without looking for it due to being overcome by our current situation.

What's stressing you right now and keeping you from seeing your daily gratefuls?


  1. What lovely thoughts today and taking a picture each day is so wonderful. I might try that some time.
    I could write you a book about how grateful I am this year verses last year. So many incredible things have happened and have changed my life. You know some of it. All I can say, is that I am so grateful I lived through last year, to make it to this one and see how God changed those hard things into works of grace.
    This is a great way to look at life. Have a lovely Monday.

  2. Beautiful thoughts. I try but some days I need new glasses.

  3. Kim- I thought this was a great idea! I might try it too. I need the reminder most days. Hailey discovered that, by doing this, she became more aware each day of the things she was grateful for. How's your daughter and her family that moved away?

    Gail- Me too, girl!

  4. I just blogged about what's bugging I will be making changes too.

    This is truly a great idea and I do believe it helps one to see and appreciate the little things. Great post!! Hugs

  5. There is a blogger on my list that shares her "sweets" just about every week. It certainly is a positive attitude type of thing. Ups and downs we all get them. If you only count the downs, you go off balance and only find more. I don't think the positive attitude prevents the downs it just lets you enjoy and remember the ups more.
    I have no clue or opinion on the referenced book but your post has good advice.

  6. Oh I forgot to share who the blogger with the "sweets" was. Barbara at
    Long Hollow

  7. Barb- I've got to make some changes to mine too. I can't seem to find the right fit just now. Anyway...look for the post about the backyard addition. LOL

    bill- Thanks! I agree with you about the ups and downs. I'll check out the blog!

    Terri- Thanks! Wish it was mine. LOL

  8. This is a great idea that probably everyone can learn from, whether they suffer from depression or not. We do all have some thing to be grateful for, but it's easy to just live each day, going through the motions, not really feeling true gratitude for life. I'm working on feeling more of it-this book sounds like something right up my alley!

  9. Kaylen- So true. I'm hoping this example will make me better about appreciating everything and everyone around me!


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