Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Delete Button

How freaking awesome would it be to have a delete button that worked in real life?! I would LOVE it! Especially in certain situations and with certain people.

If the trouble makers showed up at a family event to cause their trouble--DELETE!
If someone cut me off in traffic--DELETE!
If someone's kids were running amok in the grocery store--DELETE!
If someone left dirty dishes in their room even though they know better--DELETE!

How much less stress would there be in our lives with a marvelous delete button? TONS less. I'm not joking.

When someone tells you how much a wedding venue/caterer is going to cost--DELETE!
When someone sticks their nose in where it doesn't belong--DELETE!
When someone doesn't do what they say they are going to do--DELETE!
When someone tells you one thing and does another---DELETE!

I can feel the excitement over this already! My whole body is relaxing just thinking about it! This could be BIG! I can just imagine life flowing so smoothly.

Especially when someone puts stuff on your front porch and says it's only for a couple of weeks and then, 8 years later, gets around to finally moving it all and you have a conversation like this:

Me: Where, exactly, are you going to put that thing?
Him: Out in the corner of the backyard under the trees. You won't even be able to see it.

Please notice that he had to cut down the trees to fit that thing in there. 


What or who would you delete?


  1. I actually wish I had an 'Undo' button. Or a 'Rewind' button. And yah, Delete would come in handy. *cue evil laugh*

  2. Cathy- I was sporting that evil laugh when I wrote this. LOL

  3. Pause would be my button of choice....!
    bestest to you and your empty nest today...Daisy j

  4. Lazy- The only problem I'd have with 'pause' is that I wouldn't want to un-pause it. LOL

  5. I think you're onto something here! I wonder who you could try it out on? Hmmm. If only.

  6. As long as no one deletes me, were good!!!

  7. Ditto your list, plus several others that I probably should not put in writing!

    I posted photos from the wedding we went to last week, over on my blog. I can't imagine trying to plan a wedding these days. Whew!

  8. Yes I would love a delete button and my list is endless................


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