Monday, October 14, 2013

Someone is A Quarter of a Century Old TODAY!

And her mom is a slacker. I'm reposting Birdie's birthday post from last year because I couldn't outrun the stomach bug that DoodleBug brought home from her new job. UGH. SOOOOO---

It's BIRTHDAY time at our house! My Birdie is 25 years old today! 

Birdie has always, and I'm talking FROM BIRTH, been my easiest, most laid back, go-with-the-flow kid. She's my all American girl.  If she could live out of doors 24/7 and be surrounded by dogs and books, she would be happy.

She likes to think of herself as a regular Joe. Ordinary. But I know, and not just because I’m her mother, there’s nothing ordinary about Birdie. 

Birdie is our athlete. She played soccer for 8 years and loved every minute of it. Until high school when she disagreed with and refused to participate in the politics that are a part of soccer in our area and quit playing altogether. It was at this time that she discovered athletic training and became a student trainer all through high school, majored in it in college and then left us to get a master's degree in athletic training in TEXAS. But that’s ok. She’s back now. Besides, the fact that she refuses to participate in the crap that goes on behind the scenes to play the behind the scenes game is one of the things I admire most about Birdie. This kid is always on the up-and-up.

Birdie has a contagious laugh. She has what you might call a wry sense of humor. She loves old black and white movies and music that spans decades from the 1940s to the present day. She loves traveling and sports (especially soccer and football). She went to Ecuador after her senior year in high school and we thought she was going to just stay there. It might have been related to the fact that the World Cup was going on at that time.

She is loyal beyond belief to her sisters and has had the same best friend since the age of three. Birdie is independent and has better financial savvy than her dad and I ever had.  She loves decorating for holidays and celebrations and is the best gift giver of us all. Her gifts are thoughtful and perfect for each receiver. And, if you’re really lucky, it’s something she made.  

Halloween is her favorite holiday and orange is her favorite color. She was a pumpkin for Halloween 4 years in a row. And wouldn't let Mimi make her a bigger costume. THAT was interesting. As she got older, all of her birthday party themes were Halloween related.

Birdie has the patience of a saint (which she gets from her dad...stop laughing) and is creative in multiple ways. When she was little, Birdie loved to sit on my mother’s lap (Mimi) while she was sewing. Mother always puts her pins in her mouth and, one day, she noticed that Birdie was doing it too! Mimi never put pins in her mouth again whenever Birdie was around. Birdie pays attention to detail. While she was in Texas, Birdie taught herself to quilt.

She is strong willed and independent. She is my quiet child. The one who NEVER rocks the boat. She lives and loves purely and simply. She gets her feelings hurt but only a couple of us know because she doesn’t put herself out there when it comes to feelings. You really have to know her to know this side of her.  When she was little and rode roller coasters (which she has always loved- they are never  too twisty/fast/high for Birdie), her expression was the same as if she was just sitting there reading a book.

Birdie is a lot like my granddaddy especially in her practical jokes and that 'gotcha' giggle that is just like his. And the fact that they were both people of few spoken words. She also hangs up the phone when she's finished talking, often without a goodbye. Just like he did. They never knew each other, but he lives on in this one. 

She is never jealous or possessive. She never ceases to amaze us. Everyday with Birdie is a blessed day. 

Oh, and Birdie? Somebody loves you, it's ME! Happy Birthday my sweet Bird!

Since Birdie's love of music is so vast, I decided not to try and go through a ton of choices but, instead, chose her favorite Beatles song for her slideshow. Enjoy!

For some reason, I can't get the video to come up on the posted post. Sorry y'all. It's showing up on the draft just fine. Go figure.


  1. Happy Birthday Birdie, have a fantastic birthday!!!

  2. Happy 25th!! Great post, and new to me, since we weren't connected last year at this time! Nice to learn more about your 'kids'!!

    Sorry you are under the weather! Hope it runs its course quickly!

  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter!! I can't believe my daughter is going to be 22 in the spring - where does the time go?!

    Loved every word of this post. :D

  4. That is a beautiful post about your lovely daughter. Somehow, I think some of you rubbed off on her!

  5. Happy Birthday Birdie
    And congrats to the great family that helped to get her where she is today.

    new banner since the last I recall being here - nice.
    Granddaddy connection - interesting and a sign of good genes.


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