Saturday, October 5, 2013

Work Out Moms

When the first two lovelies came along, Breezy and Deanie, I was pretty good about walking for exercise. I also made use of a few exercise channels- Denise Whatshername was on Lifetime and so was that dark haired guy- forgot his name...oh yeah, Gilad, or something like that. Anyway, I did work out.

Then Birdie and DoodleBug came along. Was I still working out? Sort of. I moved on to the videos- Richard Simmons Sweatin' to the Oldies and such. I even teamed up with a friend to do some self-made exercises. There were the two times I tried a gym that provided child care and the Body and Soul workout offered at our church.

I sweated to those oldies about three times. The friend team up workouts lasted less than five months. The gyms lasted less than one month each. Everyone quit the Body and Soul classes.

My biggest problem? Commitment.

My biggest problem now? Being overweight.

Now it's going to take way longer to get into shape and get fit than it ever would have when the lovelies were growing up.

Sure, life got busier and busier the older each daughter got. Their involvements were so time consuming that I ran herethereandeverywhere every day of the week. But that should not have been used as an excuse. I could have fit some sort of exercise in every day had I just put forth the effort. I did not.

It seems, these days, that there is a myriad of ways young mothers can take advantage of getting/staying fit. My suggestion is that they latch on to the way that works for them (or multiple ways) and never let go.

Start a group where you all go for walks/runs together and, if there are multiple children in each family, take turns watching the kids while the others go for the walk/run and then switch. No one would have to watch the kids more than once a week if you work it out right.

Partner with your spouse- take turns working out while the other watches the little blessing(s).

Find something that works and then get out there and DO SOMETHING.

Don't fool around and wait and end up in the shape I'm in now.

Plus, you'll be much better examples of healthy, fitful living for your children than I ever was for the lovelies. The pay off is HUGE for you and all those little eyes that are watching your every move.

Did you take time to workout while your kids were little?


  1. I have always worked out. Now, it doesn't matter I stay the same size no matter what.
    I think the things I remember the most about working out with tapes in my living room with my little kids would be when I would be on the floor and some little person would run jump on my back and yell, " Horsey Ride!!!" They walked with me and it has been easier to walk with them. I always have to go through a period of adjustment when one gets married. To find my time to work out again. I have my CDs that I still use. I love the ball workouts the best. I never liked the gym.

  2. Kim- I can see y'all now having those horsey rides! Now THAT was a workout, right? LOL I am such a loner that I've found I do much better now that they're gone and I can be by myself and focus on myself. I cannot stand to workout in front of other people. I never liked the gym either. Plus, it's expensive as all get out!

  3. Michael was a ADHD kid. As soon as he started walking I was off and running. The kid never stopped. I was the wait...skinniest I've ever been. I was super skinny. It wasn't until I quit smoking that it crept back on and by then I was working so many hours I just didn't want to work out. And here I am! lol

  4. If only... I can't even walk anymore, because of bad knees. BUT, you can lose weight without exercising. I lost 54 pounds two years ago, on Weight Watchers. I've gained 30 of it back. For me, it's portion control, and giving up pasta and bread. Just simple changes... right. Sigh.

  5. Barb- Maggie was too. She still is. So is her dad. They drive me NUTS. LOL I gained a bunch when I quit smoking too...and never stopped gaining. Ha!

    Terri- I have lost 87 in the past; gained it back; lost some; gained it back...stupid roller coaster. :) Most of the loss was due to watching my diet but the exercise is key for fitness which is my focus now. I don't want to not do something because I'm not fit enough to do it. Ya know?

  6. I used to brag about having 'thin genes' flowing through my veins. But as I aged, I began sitting on my butt way too long at the computer without getting out of the house even.

    Now, I'm committed to walking. I'm still overweight, but at least there is fresh air and not so strenuous exercising. It makes me feel better. But, the commitment to eating less is the culprit. I try to remind myself to EAT to LIVE and not live to eat.

  7. Ha - nope. The first thing I did after Hannah went to bed was walk back into the kitchen and find something to munch on while watching t.v.!

    I used to feel guilty working out at night these past few months, because my husband is at home all day and I feel I should be spending time with him, but the one hour I have at night for myself is priceless!

  8. I NEVER used to work out. As a teen I was always thin, but after the wedding I steadily gained some lbs every year and after the kids they stayed. Only a few years ago when a couple of friends and I made the commitment together to do some walking, did I start to exercise.
    It´s been up and down ever since. I think it´s going to stay that way. I´ve gained some weight back again too, and really really need some motivation to start up again. I feel you in this post Pam!!

  9. Good advice. I was always doing stuff when the kids were little - like ice skating, skiing, biking, etc. Now they're old and gone - and I'm old and here with very little motivation. And I hate artificial exercise. I think I need to have a second home in the South, for the winter months. Otherwise, it's treadmill, boring treadmill. Hip won't do skiing or skating. Good grief!

    Hope you're getting good weather. Any cooler yet?

  10. I used to go to the gym 5 days a week........I can hardly remember those days. Now I walk 5 days a week and if that's not enough, I just won't be in good shape!!


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