Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Are you kidding me? Do people really care THAT much about how celebrities do everyday life things? I've noticed a lot of stories and comments out in the cyber world like--
  • Baby names celebrities choose
  • How celebrities handle picky eaters
  • Where celebrities shop
  • Celebrities who choose not to circumcise
  • Celebrities who had their first baby after the age of 40
I'm waiting to see titles like these:
  • How celebrities get their 2 year old to stop picking her nose
  • How celebrities teach their babies to poop in the potty before the age of 6 months
  • Ways celebrities conceive babies
Good grief. I can't imagine being so consumed with celebrities that I care how they do anything. Especially when it comes to parenting. I don't think being a celebrity makes one an expert on child-rearing. I certainly wouldn't want to follow their lead just because of their celeb status or their bank accounts. Having money means having money. NOT being someone people need to follow when it comes to raising a child. Or anything else for that matter.

I just don't get this fascination with celebrity moms and dads. Do people really think that, because a celeb buys a certain stroller that that makes the stroller the best? Don't they realize that it just means it's expensive and that the manufacturer is going to exploit the consumers' need to do what celebrities do? Come on people.

I don't get the fascination. I do enjoy watching certain actors in film and on television. But I couldn't care less how they're raising their kids or what items they're buying to help them in this endeavor. I prefer (and always have preferred) to discover things for myself. If I see something I like and it makes sense, I'm sold. And there were times when I checked something out based on rave reviews of a friend or two. But, thankfully, I have NEVER bought something because a celebrity had one. To be honest, I'm just stubborn enough to NOT purchase an item if I know a celebrity owns one. LOL

But, back to this fascination young parents seem to have with celebrities. Do they think their little ones will grow up to be rich and famous? Do they think that their little ones will be smarter in school and life? Do they think their little ones will draw more attention? Do they think they, themselves will be held on a pedestal? Is it nothing more than morbid curiosity? Or is it ridiculous obsession? Are they not happy with themselves? Do they not trust their own judgement? Do they not realize that being a celebrity parent doesn't mean you're a better parent?

What, exactly, is the deal?

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  1. I totally don't get it either. And I too would avoid buying something that had a celebrity's name on it or because a celebrity wears that style, etc. etc. ad nauseum. (and that goes for wearing a shirt with a brand name on it - a shirt I've had to PAY for - and they get free advertising from me???? No way.)

    However, I will have to admit to being a little star struck when I saw Hugh Jackman in Oklahoma (the broadway musical) on PBS the other day. Is there anything he can't do??

    That's the beginning and the end of my celebrity gushing.

  2. The part that gets my panties in a knot is the celebrities who have done nothing to gain that status. Snooki, all the housewives of where ever, and maybe the worst, Honey Boo-Boo. It amazes me what reality television has done to society as a whole. Are we so bored with our own life that we have to waste countless hours watching the contrived life of others?

  3. Judy- Add nauseum is a perfect way to put it. I don't think I have any celebrity gushing...though I do enjoy Tommy Lee Jones. Not for his parenting skills however. LOL

    Confessions- Excellent question! I agree!

  4. Yeah, I like Tommy Lee Jones. And in every movie I've ever seen him in, he plays Tommy Lee Jones. LOL At least he's reliable.

  5. I certainly agree with you on this. Fashion is a foreign word for me, but I slightly understand a fan following some celebrity fashion so that they might look a little more like the star. But you so right about thinking they would know much about anything beyond their talents (of course some don't even have talents).
    I refuse to watch any of the those celebrity news shows - what a waste of time.

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It's sick in my opinion. Whenever I heard the one about Kim K. getting a "push gift" for pushing out the baby I wanted to puke. Please. Our culture is really screwed up.

  7. bill- I'm not very fashion minded myself. As a matter of fact, of the four lovelies, only one really pays attention to fashion. I agree with you about the celebrity news shows.

    Barb- How stupid, right? Sheesh. And people are so stupid they don't realize that all they're doing is making the rich, richer.

  8. I don't get it either. Celebrities, with only a few exceptions, are not as smart as me (or you, or you, or you....). Who cares?! Not me.


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