Monday, November 18, 2013

Thankful Things

I didn't start a thankful list for the month of November. At least, not one that had to be posted every single day. We're just past the halfway point, so I'm sharing the first half of my thankful list. The second half will pop up at the end of the month.

There's no real rhyme or reason to the order of the things I am thankful for on the list. Things popped into my head and I wrote them down. I even started to leave the lovelies off because that one sort of goes without saying. But then I decided I should include them anyway.

Ok, enough rambling on and on.

I'm thankful:
  1. That I have a roof over my head.
  2. That I have running water (hot and cold) and electricity.
  3. For my sweet Tucker.
  4. For the four best daughters a mother could ever hope for.
  5. For my brother, T. And, sometimes, I'm thankful for the other two as well. :)
  6. That my parents were (and continue to be) non-drinkers.
  7. That I have a job I absolutely ADORE no matter how frustrating and stupid the district is. 
  8. That I work with some of the BEST in education.
  9. That there is humor in every part of my life on a daily basis.
  10. That I am healthy enough to begin running at my age.
  11. That I have a washer and dryer in my house.
  12. That I learn something new every day.
  13. For my friends, whom I love.
  14. For my blog.
  15. For dear memories of my wonderful grandparents. 
16-30 will show up here on the last day of the month. I'm hoping I don't have to change the one I want to use for #30...

November NaBloPoMo


  1. Very nice list. But now I am sooo curious to what #30 will be.... :)

  2. Very sweet, gratitude is something that I think so many times we forget to focus on. When we pay attention to what we are thankful for it just makes for a better day. I look forward to you second half. I have enjoyed your little corner of the world since I found you!

  3. What a nice list! I like them all. I am glad you wrote down your list. It reminds me of things I have taken for granted. Have a great week!

  4. A great list!! I didn't start a thankful list, either, but it's nice to see!!

  5. Love your list! It's important to do these lists so we see how blessed we are.

  6. That's a nice list. I didn't put one out there anywhere this year, but I am keeping one in my head. Still counts : ) Will you have lovelies in the house for Turkey Day?

  7. Kim- Well, we'll find out on the 30th. IF I don't have to change it, that is. LOL

    confessions- You are so right! And so sweet! Thank you!

    Kim- Thanks! I wasn't going to do one but, sometimes, I just need to sit back and realize that I do have so much to be thankful for.

    Terri- Thanks! I needed to be reminded.

    Debby- So true!

    Joyce- Absolutely it does! Only two will be here for Thanksgiving. But we will all be together for Christmas--except for Birdie. She and Evan are going to his extended family in Indiana. I've learned to take what I can get. I haven't learned to like it. But I have learned to take it. Ha!

  8. Interesting list...especially having a washer and dryer!...:)JP

  9. The simple things. I love it. Just like me!

  10. JP- I had to do without for just a bit YEARS ago. I hope I never have to do without them again. EVER!

    Barb- Yes indeed!


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