Monday, December 9, 2013

10 Fabulous Handmade Toys

Y'all are either not going to believe how awesome these are OR, you're going to wonder if I've been living under a rock 'cause y'all have known about these for YEARS. Nevertheless, here are my top 10 favorite handmade toys. And you can bet that I'll be making some of these with or without grands.

1. Cut up worn out story books and turn them into fridge magnets (just click the picture for the link). Great way for kids to retell the story! I would so do this (and probably get carried away) if the lovelies were little again. Guess I'll have to wait for grands. Or, I could get started now. I do have all the books we read over the years!

Turning torn or worn storybooks into fridge magnets, which can be used to tell more stories. Great idea!

2. Make an igloo with recycled milk cartons (just click the picture for the link). AWESOME! Kids or no, I'm seriously thinking about making one of these bad boys!

3. Recycled soda bottle sprinkler (just click the picture for the link)! How stinkin' cool is this?!

4. Cardboard slide from refrigerator box (just click the picture for the link). My brothers and I used cardboard to slide down a big, grassy hill but we just used pillows for the stairs. Wish we had thought of this. Oh, wait. It wouldn't have worked. We weren't even supposed to slide down on the pillows.

5. A doll house from old chest of drawers (just click the picture for the link). Another thing that might not wait. I have a true love for doll houses!


OR re-purpose a CD shelf (just click the picture for the link).

6. Fine motor skill board (just click the picture for the link). We had these at the center where I did my graduate assistant ship. I never thought about it for the lovelies. 

7. Story stones (just click the picture for the link). Too stinkin' cute! WANT!

8. Ribbon wands (just click the picture for the link)! Who doesn't enjoy a good ribbon wand?

9. Yarn and ribbon laser course (just click the picture for the link)! Oh yeah! I foresee this in our immediate future. No kids needed. 

10. Shower curtain play mat (just click the picture for the link). What a great idea! 

Dang, there are some creative folks out there!

Ok, what great ideas do y'all have?


  1. Wish I lived closer to you so we could work on these together! What fun!!!! Who needs little ones?!

  2. Terri- YES! That would be awesome! I would love it!

  3. These are some great ideas. Wish I had thought of the shower curtain one when my girls were little. That would have been perfect for them to color on instead of Grandma's

    Are you decorating the house yet?

  4. Barb- You can still do it with them. Big kids enjoy this too. Just ask me. LOL But walls are really fun too...:) I have decorated a bit- the tree and some garland. I am not letting him rob me of my what little Christmas spirit I have.

  5. Some of those are great ideas!!!!...:)JP

  6. Good grief, aren't those clever! Love that dollhouse. It would have been so much easier than making it from 'scratch.' sigh. Now you tell me. lol

  7. The igloo and the ribbon maze look like so much fun!! I want them for myself! :)


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