Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cool And Awesome

I have seen a few toys out there that I would love to have! Yes, I still enjoy playing from time to time. AND, one never knows when the grandchild fairy will wave her magic wand upon them. Plus, just because some of us live in an empty nest (or should be living in one), doesn't mean we don't enjoy a fun toy every now and then. SO---

1. Kinetic Sand. This stuff is awesome! I could spend HOURS playing around with it. This one is just for my own personal entertainment.

2. Shark Laser Pointer (just click on the picture to go to the site). OMG but couldn't I have some fun using thisas a pointer in my classes????? It would be AWESOME!

3. Chalktrail (just click on the picture to go to the site).. Got a bike? Then this is just perfect. Though I might get dizzy and bust my ass head open looking backwards at my designs.

4. Eco-Crayons (just click on the picture to go to the site). We all love crayons. These are so cool in so many ways!

Image of eco-crayons™
5. Multi-Voice Changer (just click on the picture to go to the site). Oh yeah! Not only could we all have big fun with this gem but, just think of the power of retaliation you would have by giving it to a kid with obnoxious parents.

6. Punch Paddles (just click on the picture to go to the site). Talk about getting up off the couch! This would be way big fun! And it provides a means for venting! Not that I'd aim for anyone's face or anything. 

7. Marshmallow Shooter (just click on the picture to go to the site). A little on the tame side but fun nonetheless. They make them for the big marshmallows too. 

8. Bright Lights BBOP (just click on the picture to go to the site). Come on now. Do I really have to say anything at all about this one????

9. Supersized Light Doodler (just click on the picture to go to the site). Maybe it's just a throwback to my college days, but I find this one rather hypnotic. And fun. 

10. Foam Sports Disks and Rubber Ball (just click on the picture to go to the site). Another fun way to get up off the couch! 

OR this one, Smakaball:

I know you see kids in those pictures but I assure you that there is not one single adult in this family who wouldn't totally enjoy these items. 

Santa, if you're reading this....

Would y'all like any of these toys? 


  1. Where were these things when I was a kid? HOW cool is that sand!!!!

  2. Okay - they all look fun, but I have to have some of that sand, now!! Love this post!!

  3. Every adult deserves at least one toy every Christmas.

  4. Okay so totally loving every single thing on that post but you had me at the Kinetic Sand. I remember the huge mess I made in my kitchen one year with cornstarch and water and we had so much fun, that sand looks like something I just might have to have. I bet all of my kids and grands would love it. Well, heck, every thing on this list.
    How in the world did you find this stuff?
    I do hope Santa gets you some. :_)

  5. Deb- I totally dig that sand too. Pun intended. LOL

    Terri- I really like that sand too. It's the one that gave me the idea for the post. LOL

    Confessions- I agree!

    Kim- Santa never gets me what I want. I would love to have all of it! Especially that sand! I might have asked Santa to bring a couple of them for the lovelies. LOL

    Barb- Couldn't we though??? We could take some of those to the beach and play! :)

  6. Such awesome gifts. I bought the guys those Marshmallow guns a few Christmases ago!


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