Monday, December 2, 2013


I have them. I have TONS of them. With four daughters, you can't help but have an overabundance of mementos.

I have the newborn footprints. I have the hand prints at the age of two in the plaster of paris. I have the hand prints at the age of two in pink, red, yellow and blue paint. I have the locks of hair from those first haircuts. I have the frames made out of macaroni and Popsicle sticks. I kept their baby shoes, their christening gowns, the teeth they lost, the pictures they drew, the stories they wrote, their school pictures, stuffed animals out the wazoo, favorite books...obviously, I kept nearly everything.

But what I don't have are the frames made out of placentas. Nope. Don't have those. And, while I'm on the subject, may I just say, "Ew."

Apparently, these are all the rage with some women. I imagine what happened was that a celeb or two got them and that started everyone else wanting one. Because some people stupidly tend to do what they see/hear that celebs do.

Personally, I don't care who's doing it. That is one band wagon I wouldn't/won't EVER jump on.

Is it art? Well, I would say that art is up to the viewer. It's very subjective. I'm not opposed to sustainable art. I have seen several pieces that I quite like. Plus, I'm a big believer in reusing what we already have in any way we possibly can. But not so much that which is created by the human body.

Birdie might disagree with me. She totally loved the Bodies..The Exhibition that she went to see a few years ago. I did not accompany her. I don't find that to be art. Like placenta frames. Again, Ew.

Ok, what do y'all think?


  1. eeek! Don't want one and don't really want to see one - blech!

  2. Okay I never heard of that and it makes me want to barf. Really? what the heck. I am not going there in my mind because I have errands to do and I will pass out. On to happier things, I love that you kept all of the things that you did. I still have a drawer with drawings and I do have all six kids baby teeth.
    All of it because each was so important and I loved every single thing they made. I still do as you know I gush unashamedly.
    You really widen my mind all of the time. Now I have something to talk about at the Christmas Cookie exchange. :) Have a lovely day.

  3. Just trying to imagine what it would even look like is 'ew'!

  4. The human body fascinates me but I'll be damned if a placenta belongs on display. That is just gross.

  5. I vote EWWWWW! That's a bit much. In fact, it's incredibly gross!

    I'm also a bit taken aback by unasked for showings of birth videos. Once, my husband and I were visiting my brother and he cued up a video of his wife in the delivery room with their daughter's head crowning. They were transfixed at this miracle. And while we thought it was, indeed , a miracle and treasure our little niece, I could have been content seeing her picture right after birth instead of a wide screen showing of the process.

  6. Jeez, I have so much el crapo from the five kids STILL lying around even though only ONE remains in the house although she uses THREE bedrooms. Wedding day in May…IF I HAD a placenta frame it would be lost somewhere in the bedroom she uses as a demolition site…err storage shed. Seriously? PLACENTA Frames? Barf just barf!

  7. Confessions- Me neither!

    Deb- Agreed!

    Kim- I wanted to barf too. I can't help but keep all this stuff. It's all I have now. LOL Not really, but it is a great way to reminisce.

    Stephanie- I totally agree!

    Barb- Well said!

    Kathy- Oh yeah. I've seen those. I'm married to one. And I've had to stop him in his tracks in the delivery room. LOL

    Joyce- Amen, sista!

    Sush- Barf is right! We have a wedding in May too! When's yours?


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