Monday, January 6, 2014

A License To Go SLOW

Over the weekend, on my way to Trader Joe's, I passed three women 'running' down our main road. Coming back from Trader Joe's, I saw another one. These women were 'running' at my speed. Which I like to call walking, with finesse.

I thought I was the only one in town (or maybe even the world) who runs so s-l-o-w-l-y. It's a real issue with me, actually. A runner friend told me that it doesn't matter how fast or slow I go, as long as I keep moving and stay with it. I try to internalize that advice but, no matter how hard I try, I end up trying to run fast and then I get frustrated and/or injured.

I'm sure it doesn't help one bit that everyone I pass when I'm out there is in their 30s and 40s and their slow pace is faster than my fastest pace. Hell, they walk faster than I run. And, when I see them or hear them coming, I speed up because I can hear their thoughts-- "Crazy old woman, why don't you just walk so we don't have to call 911 for you?" Or, "Poor old thing, I guess she's taking the 'slow and steady' philosophy to heart." As soon as I speed up, I regret it. Now I have to keep this ridiculous pace until they catch up and pass me. What an idiot. By time they do, finally, pass by, I can hardly breathe. I want to call someone to come get me. Even though I'm less than a quarter mile from the house.

But now, I've seen them. There are more out there like me. And they're younger. And they're running MY RUN. I feel like I will be running everywhere I go now. It's like these women gave me a license to do so-- freely. Without care or concern about what anyone else has to say or thinks (and, really, I doubt they even notice me).

I just hope it works when that 70+ year old is coming my way. He outruns all of us.


  1. That is awesome Pam. For me, there's no one out, slow or in-between. So I get bored at times or wish I could see someone that's not in a car trying to run me down. However I am slow, very very slow. Mike walks faster than my running so I know I'm slow. However I think that we are out there (well I will be more when it's warmer) is what counts. So keep going!!!

  2. Julie- I would not have though anyone would be out with us at 5:30 in the morning, but there they are. It's much nicer in the warmer months. Because they run shirtless. LOL

  3. I just walk running.....the knees can't take it!

  4. I've always heard that walking is better for you than running. I don't run anymore. Walking is fine.

  5. Stick your foot out as they go by. That'll slow 'em down.

  6. You do remember the story about the tortoise and the hare, don't you?...:)JP

  7. Well, I am in agreement with you, just moving is good. If you are having fun who cares if it is fast or not.
    Have a wonderful day, I hope you had a nice birthday.

  8. Just hold your head high because you should be so proud of the fact that you're out there doing something, no matter the speed. I for one am so proud of you because I know at our age it's easier to quit!! And if the old man says anything as he passes you by....trip him! lol. Hugs!

  9. nancy- I walk every day too. The running is an every other day kind of thing. But the walking is every day---with the pup.

    Terri- Walking is good. But I lose weight better if I run.

    Cathy- YES! I'll try that! LOL

    JP- Yep. And, yet, I still speed it up.

    Kim- I know. It's just dumb to speed up but I can't help it. Having to go back to work on my birthday wasn't too bad. All the kids had hugs for me and the other teachers were so sweet. Better than being at home. :)

    Barb- That's what I try to tell myself. Because it's what I say about the older folks out there. Except that one man who outruns everybody. LOL

  10. AWE Pam!!! Slow is THE way to go!!! Im so slow, the turtles call me momma!!! I just smile and say great job and laugh cause I know they are gonna be winded before me!! They are just showing off for me!! (Its all in my head and my way of coping!!)


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