Sunday, January 5, 2014

Top 20 Things I Do Not Want to Hear in 2014

Because I'm sick of hearing about them. Because they're stupid. Because people are stupid if they think I believe a word of it. Or just because enough is, enough. I'd much rather hear how we've all banded together for the good of all. How cancer has been cured. How the big corporations care more about people than profit. Yeah, I'm living in a dream world. LOL

The top 20 things I do not want to hear about in 2014:
  1. Celebrity babies (or celebrity anything for that matter). 
  2. Dr. Oz's latest anything (because, let's face it, he's become totally commercial). 
  3. Miley Freaking Cyrus (for obvious reasons).
  4. Erectile dysfunction commercials (good grief). 
  5. #Hashtag (#overkill #transcendedintoverbalconversations #stopthemadness).
  6. Healthcare (too much talk and nobody knows anything). 
  7. Candy Crush (what a waste of time). 
  8. The latest, butthisonereallyworks, diet (because we all know WHAT to do, we just need to do it). 
  9. There is no scientific evidence that GMOs are bad for you (because that's BS).
  10. How to be happy/positive (seriously? We can't figure this out on our own?)
  11. Bipartisan (talk about BS).
  12. Rand Paul (moron. And I absolutely include that idiot, Sarah Palin in this category).
  13. Selfies (so uninteresting. Oh, and NOT art.).
  14. Things I MUST know (who says I MUST?).
  15. Sexting (including the people who do it). 
  16. Cancer (unless they tell me it has been eradicated from the face of the earth. I hate cancer.). 
  17. New parent advice (follow your instincts people).
  18. Snow storms (I'm not getting any and others are getting too much). 
  19. Butt exercises (just get off of it).
  20. Reversal of the aging process (if there was truly a way, we'd all still be young). 
Ok, y'all are up! What's on your list!


  1. lol - I can definitely agree with you on most of those!

  2. Amen, your list is great and I agree 100% One of the reasons I tape everything I watch is so I don't have to see a commercial and I never watch the news. I've had ENOUGH!

  3. Debby- I hear ya on the commercials. I do the same thing and I LOVE FFing through those darn things.

  4. Well I think you hit just about every thing. You amaze me, You really pay attention to the culture around you. It must be because of working with the kids. All of those things I would imagine are hot buttons for them. I hope your first day of school is a nice one.

  5. Kim- UGH. The first day of school. I am so NOT READY. I have really enjoyed my break and I wish it would last...forever. :)

  6. I have a confession to make: I AM TOTALLY ADDICTED TO CANDY CRUSH. *sobs* I'd love to talk about more about it but there's a snowstorm on its way and the sky is filled with celebrity babies and all kinds of flakes!!!

  7. You forgot anything Kardashian! Ugh....

  8. I'm accepting this as a challenge and I'll post mine by tonight! :)

    And I agree with a kot of your choices but I have no problem with selfies. I've been doing them since way before they had a name and while I don't think they are art, I've always thought they were harmless fun and look great n scrapbooks!

  9. That seems like a pretty good list to me.

  10. I'm back; here's my "bottom 20" :)


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