Thursday, January 16, 2014

Let's Eat Grandma!

I follow what I consider to be the least objectionable news channel in our area via Facebook. I'm seriously thinking about defriending...unfriending...quitting them.

It seems that the links they put up to the stories they post on Facebook are full of grammatical errors.

For example, in this article

One parents told News 2 "people got phone calls from either teachers who worked here that had cell phones of the parents. Some parents had other parents that they know of that they called and said hey, it's closed, what are we going to do..everybody is in a panic scrambling for care."

That parent also said, " it's very very sad because there's families who have been here. Eight, nine years multiple children having amazing experiences, writing amazing reviews -- and it was wiped out in a week."

Really? Can you even believe they put this up? REWRITE. PLEASE.

I can understand getting the adrenaline rush of trying to get this story up before, God forbid, any other news station. But let's edit before we put it up.

Here are two paragraphs from an article today:
176 students, teachers and staff may have been exposed to Tuberculosis because they shared either a classroom or a bus with the patient are being recommended for testing.
The school contacted all students Wednesday and sent home testing packets with the students. DHEC is offering free testing for the 176 students, teachers and faculty at a DHEC office on Thursday, or at the school on Friday. The blood test will be free for students, but only with written permission from their parents.
I believe that first part needs a comma after the word 'staff', add the word 'who' and put another comma after the word 'patient'.  And, in that second part, will they be tested AT a DHEC office on THURSDAY OR at SCHOOL on FRIDAY or should that be: " a DHEC office on Thursday AND at the school on Friday? 
I get the point that people have a choice of having the test at the DHEC office on Thursday or at school on Friday. But that's not what was written. 
This is a news station. Are they seriously hiring people who write like that? Because, while my grammar is not perfect, it's better than that. And I'd love to give it a go. 
Punctuation, Channel 2, saves lives: 
Let's eat Grandma!
Let's eat, Grandma!


  1. Haha I am so guilty!! Not having my kids around or even Ron I make horrible errors. I know they cringe.
    I think it is the day and age we live. Twitter, and texting has made it so people just think that is how we communicate. Are you glad it is Friday? I bet you are, I know I am. Have a lovely weekend,

  2. Kim- I'm guilty as well. However, I'm not posting news stories for my news station. Sheesh. LOL I did enjoy Friday. Mostly because I didn't have to go to work. :)

  3. Considering it's a news station, that's really bad. If a sentence contains obvious grammatical errors I lose all thought of content. My brain becomes a laser on those mistakes : ) Enjoy your long weekend!

  4. Joyce- I have the same problem. And, since it IS a news station, I do not understand the errors. It's like this on every story. I'm having a wonderfully relaxing time. It's been so quiet. I think I'll be ready to get back at it next week! Thanks!


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