Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Energy. Or the Lack Thereof.

I seem to have less and less these days. To the point that I am researching it a bit. I find it amusing, and a bit annoying, that there are companies out there in the wide world who will offer people a pill for any and every thing. When did we get so lazy that we are willing to rely on a pill to do what we might just be able to do ourselves with a little effort?

Not that I'm totally against taking pills. In vitamin form, I do take some. I've been known to take an ibuprofen from time to time. And I doubt that I'd turn down a Valium if anyone's offering...especially during the week. Other than that, I tend to avoid pills and doctors like the plague (see what I did there?...LOL)

I know that there are situations where taking meds is probably the best option. But taking them unnecessarily is just dumb. The only worse? Prescribing them. I've seen people take more meds than the candy I used to eat. And that's a lot. A really lot. An embarrassing lot.

How does this relate to my lack of energy problem? There are pills and drinks out there that 'people' swear will rejuvenate me. Sorry idiots folks, I'm not looking for a quick fix that gets me through a few hours every day. I'm looking for a permanent fix. One that lasts.

I know. Y'all thought I was running. I was. And I was enjoying it. BUT, I found out the hard way (the same way I learn just about everything) that running can complicate a Baker's Cyst, which I have in my right knee. No running or climbing stairs for a while. Walking IS ok though so I'm still walking Tuck but now we go for a half mile in the mornings and a mile or two in the afternoons.

With all that in mind, I decided that I should start looking inward by trying some mindful meditation. It's not a new idea as it's been around forEVER. Plus, I've never been successful with meditation of any type in the past because it always made me angry, restless, etc. every time I did try it. That's why I decided to try mindful meditation. I'm learning to be aware of myself and my surroundings. I'm learning how to quiet my thoughts and just listen. And feel. And notice.

I've just finished my first week of mindful meditation and I have noticed a difference already, slight though it may be. I've noticed that:

  • my mind wanders far more than a wild animal looking for food during a drought
  • I can stop the wandering thoughts
  • I can slow down and pay attention (or notice) the things I'm doing without rushing just to get through it
  • my mind is not too old to be trained positively
  • I am not focused on a low energy level and, at the same time, I'm not drained as early in the day as I have been
The first week, my mindful awareness of a routine activity was brushing my teeth. How ridiculous, I thought, but it wasn't. Not really. I noticed many things about brushing my teeth. Not the least of which is that I never really pay attention to the activity because my mind was always wandering. My habit releaser was sitting in a different chair. Which I did. Of course I'm sitting back in my usual spot right now typing this. But I did sit other places last week. And I was able to make the time for two mindful meditations each day.Though each time I tried one at night, I fell asleep. I also fell asleep during one I tried in the late afternoon. Oops.

This is the beginning of the second week. My mindful awareness of a routine activity is washing dishes. My mind can really wander during this time. Especially about the people who leave their dirty dishes for me to wash. ;) My habit releaser is going to be the way I bend (I will do a squat with every bend) and to engage my core all day. As Birdie, our athletic trainer, said, "Engaging your core is not just sucking it in, Mom. It's pulling your belly button towards your spine." 

Yeah. I get that. I also get that, when you do it right, you become mindful of a sore core rather quickly. But I also notice all the muscles and parts that are involved in engaging my core. Who knew? 

The mediation this week is a body scan. I fell asleep trying it last night. Note to self: never meditate at night. 

I don't know that I'm doing all this the right way. But I am seeing results so I figure that means I'm doing at least some of it right. I'll keep y'all posted.

Do y'all meditate? 


  1. Well, when I was a kid, and we would get like this in the winter, she would start giving us green weed juice. Then if we didn't she would break out the sulpher and cream of tarter and worm us. Till my Dad made her stop.
    I think you have so much going on with wedding and work and just life in general. You are just tired. You have a ton of students. Every day, five days a week. Gosh just writing that out makes me tired.
    I hope you get a snow day so you can rest.
    I am so glad you don't take pills. I get treated like I am some kind of nut job because I don't take anything either. It is nice I am not alone.

  2. I would like to try it and you have just inspired me. I would like to fire the squirrels who are running things in my brain and be able to concentrate a bit more.

  3. No, I don't meditate, but I did just start working with a yoga/pilates instructor and I imagine some for of meditation will come out of it.

    When I start feeling really run down, I pop a couple of sub-lingual vitamin B12 tabs. It really seems to help. So many things, including food and environment, can deplete us of vitamin B12.

    Keep us posted as you get into week three, please!!

  4. No, I don't meditate although after reading this, I might try it. I do use my core muscle group most of the time and learning moves in Tai Chi, stooping is now a breeze, rather than bending. As for energy...I think it's the exercising I do..:)JP

  5. http://healthywealthandwisenotbutlearning.blogspot.com/2014/01/i-am-sharing-my-devotional-with-you.html

    Here's what I'm working on while I try to meditate. I'm not very good at it but learning.

    Cucumbers, they are a quick perk me up and last a few hours in the perk me up area and also super good for you.

    Just a thought.
    Blessings my friend!

  6. Kim- To be honest, I hadn't thought about all that. Whew. No wonder I'm tired. LOL I can't believe she did all that. Yuck.

    Betty- At least you have squirrels. Mine is more like hamsters that can't get off the wheel. LOL

    Terri- I will keep you posted. I'm in week two and my mind is still wandering. Though not quite as bad.

    JP- How do you like Tai Chi? I've been doing squats for the low stuff and that's working out well.

    Julie- I'm not very good at it either. I've read it takes time and work so I'm sticking with it. Cucumbers? I'll try them!

  7. I have downloaded some pretty good guided meditation (free) and enjoy it very much. I also attended a meditation/healing class last week (go me...getting out by myself) and it was fantastic. I'm going again tomorrow and can't wait. It's helped me with the stress of my situation and my mind not shutting off. We're gonna be awesome this year!!! Love ya!

  8. I dont meditate, but I do pray. Sometimes its just silence!!
    I recently went thru a low energy 'phase'. I was grumpy, grouchy, tired, couldnt sleep, then slept all the time, couldnt concentrate, bags under my eyes, skin drooopy, moody, grouchy, tearful, grumpy, grouchy, ........ I hate meds!!! But, Finally I talked to the doc and she ordered labwork. My vitamin D was VERY LOW!!! Im on a prescription strenght for 12 weeks, then recheck. Its been 8 weeks and I can tell a difference. Im still grumpy and grouchy, but I havent bitten off anyones head. Im surprised how much difference its made!!


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