Friday, January 24, 2014

Do Y'all Make These Mistakes?

So, a few of us were sitting around chatting about this article I read at Huffington Post about mistakes that everyone over 50 makes. I'm not sure what the author was drinking (or smoking) at the time but, I could argue with nearly every single one of her 'mistakes.'

That's the problem with putting the word "everyone" in the mix. Not everyone has these issues or makes these mistakes or sees them as mistakes.

Here are some of the mistakes the author listed followed by my responses:
  •  "We think our kids will listen to our voice mail messages." Nope. I don't think so at all. And it's because the only one in our family who will listen to a voice mail message is the husband. None of do because we just hate voice mail.
  •  "We think our kids should like our music (because it's better)." Nope. I've always left their music preferences up to each individual lovely. To be honest, they actually do like a lot of my music. AND, I like a lot of theirs. But, to be honest, we don't consider any of the music we love as mine or theirs. It's just music and it's out there for everyone to enjoy.
  • "We wear yoga pants with a VPL (if you don't know what this is, you are so not 50.)" I'm OVER 50 and I had to Google VPL.
  • "We are sure that our partners is the only one in the bed that snores." There are 3 adults and one dog in this house. Every single one of us snores."
  • "We keep trying out thongs thinking that this time, they'll be comfortable." Nope. I've never tried one because I don't like it when I get a wedgie. Knowing this, why would I purposely wear something that gives me one? I'm just not that stupid. 
  • "We still ask our significant others, "does this make me look fat?"" Absolutely not. I've never asked it and probably never will. First, I look fat in everything because I AM fat. Second, like I'm going to ask HIM? Ha!
  • "We comment on our kids' (or their friends') Facebook posts." Yes. I also comment on other people's post on Facebook. But not near as much as they comment on mine. Oh and, regarding the lovelies' friends and Facebook? They have to friend me if they want to be Facebook friends. I do not impose myself on them. 
  • "We think we can continue to wear the same bra size we wore at 30." Sure. If I was a total idiot. Which I'm not. 
  • "We dress too young (no, the blinged out low rider jeans are not age appropriate) or too old (matronly is not an "in" look)." Again, no. I dress like a teacher. Because, I'm a teacher. LOL
  •  "We think we can do the same things in the same amount of time we needed when we were 30." No I don't. Some things I'm faster at doing now because I've become so efficient at it and other things I'm slower, because I'm older. And I weigh more.  
  • "We try to read a menu (or anything) without reading glasses." No way dude. I know I can't, so I don't. 
  • We still read Cosmopolitan Magazine if it happens to be hanging around." I've probably read a Cosmo magazine 3 or 4 times in my entire life. And for about 15 minutes per time. I'm not a Cosmo fan, never have been. Probably never will be. 
Oh, there were some funny things in there. But let's not entitle something like this "33 Mistakes Everyone Makes in Their Fifties." Because not all of us do. We're way too busy making other mistakes. 

What do you think about the 33 mistakes? Are you on the list?


  1. HOLY MOOSE-POOPS! I had to Google VPL...never heard of it yet learned something new. I DO listen to my VM mssgs...always have! My kids do like, no love...a lot of "my" music and vice versa. At 66, yes, I wear skinny jeans with boots, white blouse, the look! I have no problem wearing my glasses & needing them! Yes, I've slowed down. Ask HIM if I'm fat? You're kidding, right?!...:)JP

  2. I had to google VPL too. And no, I don't think I've made most of those mistakes or even consider some of them mistakes. And I'm definitely over 50.

    Fun to read though. Thanks for sharing.

  3. JP- I had to google it too. I would wear them too if they made them in my size. LOL

    Cathy- I don't consider a lot of them mistakes either. Maybe she was just going for humor based on what she's seen at Walmart. LOL

  4. Well, your post and the responses so far have all made me smile! Thanks for the giggles!

  5. I googled VPL and Vancouver Public Library popped up. ???? Then I saw the panty lines.
    The first 10 things on her list made me think she has way to much money to be able to do them!!
    Im not 50 yet, and I dont even do most of these!!

  6. Terri- You're welcome! I love it when y'all get a laugh out of my posts. Thanks!

    Deb- Hahahahaha! You are too funny! Those of us over 50 don't understand them either. LOL

  7. I thought what Deb thought about VPL. LOL. And I have never read Cosmo - ever! I guess I have always been too old. never got Sex & the City either. Although 'everybody' else did.

  8. I´m sure this is written by a 20 something year old...what do they know about us??!!
    I don´t do any of these either. But funny what those young people think we do...haha

  9. OK, I DO make some of these mistakes, but not all of them. I know my kiddos don't WANT to listen to my voice messages, but I think they do anyway. (Hummmm..rethinking that now.)

  10. Stephanie- Hahahaha! Not everybody. :)

    Betty- I didn't think of that. Maybe that's why so much of the list was wrong. LOL


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