Thursday, January 23, 2014

Why I Won't Switch Insurance

This is not a political post. It's not even about medical insurance. I have it via work and it's fine. This post is about why I won't switch my car insurance to Progressive. It's simple. If I did and they screwed me over, I'd be pissed. Not just because they screwed me over but because of Flo.

I love Flo. I think she's cute as a button and funny and sweet. If I switched to Progressive insurance and the real employees and powers that be were nothing like Flo and they screwed me over it would be worse than getting screwed over by a regular insurance company.

I'm also not going to switch to State Farm because when we had them before, they tried to make us pay for an accident my MIL caused even though she never drove a vehicle in her life due to being legally blind AND wanted us to pay for the husband's stupid sister who was caught driving drunk even though she was NOT on our insurance. However, their commercials do make me chuckle:

And I won't be switching to Nationwide because I've had experience with them back in my college days and they sucked back then. Most of their commercials are boring too. Except the Bank Brat one. And this one:

And NEVER will I switch to Direct Insurance but only because of this idiot (and the fact that I know nothing about them):

Probably won't ever switch to Geico either. But, MikeMikeMikeMikeMike, I do so LOVE the camel commercial:

Besides, the insurance I have protects me from Mayhem:

And gives safe driver bonuses (and uses the man with the sexy voice):

And they've really and truly always been there for us--right after Hurricane Hugo, our agent was the first person to call us. Though there is a first time for everything so I'm not going to hold my breath.

No, I'm not selling insurance. No one in our family does. I just enjoy some of their commercials and thought, for a lighthearted laugh, I'd compose a blog post with a few of them.

What is your favorite insurance commercial?


  1. Like you, after problems were incurred, the answer was simple. Bye bye, we said...:)JP

  2. I believe all commercials should be funny or at least very very short. I've seen some of these but the lady beating on the guy with her purse was a new one for me - thanks.

    I like many of the Geico ads.
    We have not switched car/home insurance like forever.
    Oh one last comment about ads - all drug ads should be banned from TV. They make me sick.

  3. Not everyone likes Flo... I know, it's hard hard to believe, right? But I love those commercials and I don't have Progressive either!

  4. This post made me smile! Great commercials!!

  5. JP- Yeah, sometimes you just have to turn and run. LOL

    bill- I do appreciate funny and short when it comes to commercials. Since they're shoving them down our throats anyway. We've had the same car/home insurance for about 25 years now.

    Robin-I know. My mother is one of them. She hates those Flo commercials. But I love her! :)

    Terri- Glad you got a laugh. That was my intention! :)


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