Friday, February 14, 2014

This is Going to Get Me in Trouble, BUT

When has that ever stopped me? So, I am just going to say it anyway: Those people who make the stupid comments about education and inclement weather LIVE here. And I know some of them.

There. I've said it. It's out there.

During our latest 'snow days' from school, I have seen some of the most ridiculous comments on Facebook. I had no idea that I knew, personally, so many idiots. I am now aware.

I read one status that informed the readers "it isn't even doing anything out there..this is ridiculous." Maybe not at your house. But it never stopped coming down at mine. Besides, you homeschool your kids. Why are you even commenting on the decision NOT to run buses and have people drive cars over icy bridges?

And the comment about the bill being considered so that kids don't have to make up days like this and "who's worried about an edjumacation?" My response: Oh, so YOU'RE the ONE who thinks that attending EXACTLY 180 days of school equals a meaningful education. We're talking out of date, friend. Educate yourself. And, seriously Dude, go read about that bill and why they want to pass it.

Perhaps some people, who live in Charleston County, forget just how big our county is There are huge numbers of students and teachers who live away from the coast and they have major ice issues and power outages. Not to mention that this is the low-country of SC. We are NOT equipped to deal with ice. So, sit down and shut up.

Then there are the comments that they made and announced the decision too late. That they should have let people know earlier in the day. That it's "not rocket science." Ha! It might as well be. Because a good portion of our county is coastal, the weather will change in a matter of minutes. What is forecast may or may not occur. With this in mind, the district makes the best decisions they can in collaboration with emergency preparedness authorities. Oh, and, just so you know (you moron), the Ravenel Bridge was closed ALL FREAKING DAY.

I have to say that a lot of our parents were thrilled to spend another day with their kids but they commented things like: "My kids are going to hate this because y'all make school and learning so much fun for them." How sweet is that? She's right, though. Our teachers are amazing!

My favorite of the day was from one of my most favorite teacher:

"I'm sorry but I have to get this off my chest. You parents complaining about school being closed tomorrow would be the first ones to storm the district offices if your child was involved in a bus wreck due to ice. The district is looking out for the safety of all children and employees. Instead of negative comments, put that energy into cherishing another day with your precious child.'

My but the stupidity level has just gotten out of hand around here. Waaaay out of hand.

Do people carry on in your area like this?


  1. Yes they do, sometimes I have to take a break from Facebook just because of the same reasons.

  2. Boy, that comment made by your teacher friend is SO true! (toward the end of your post) I thought about that when Atlanta got hammered the first time too. Although it would have been a good idea to stagger closings, still there would have been kids bussed home before their parents arrived and THEN people would have been furious too. Sometimes there's just a no-win situation. People need to settle down and stop being so demanding and annoying.

  3. That's one reason why I don't do FB often. Scares me!

    Some really intelligent people say some really unintelligent things...and I know them. Now I'm really scared.

    For some school ans school buses are not about education but about baby sitting.

    Thank your friend for me. I'm very proud she spoke up.

    Glad these comments sections are large enough for my two cents' worth.

    Be safe.

  4. Perhaps people need to learn the definition of "school"...the reason for it...the purpose...perhaps some people think it takes the place of social media...of FB!!! Dummies...:)JP

  5. Kim- Right? Sometimes I just sit and stare at the computer in disbelief.

    Judy-I love that she posted that on Facebook. Things got a little bit quiet once she did. I reposted it on my timeline and it got quiet there too. LOL Guess what? Her name is Judy! :)

    Gail- Yes, that's just how I feel. Judy doesn't ever have trouble speaking up. She's from New York originally. LOL I love her to pieces!

    JP- Dummies is much nicer than what I was calling them. LOL

  6. OMG, so true! Some of these parents are out of control, and then we wonder why their kids are out of control. School & parents need to work together and think of the safety of everyone. Parents, enjoy the time you have with your children because it goes faster then you think.

  7. I agree with a few of the commenters that staying off FB is needed often. Other than spam comments which are most always detected I get good comments on my blog. Maybe (just occurred to me reading your post) all the dumb mean commenters have just flocked to FB and don't even visit blogs anymore. I always thought youtube had the absolute worst comments but now you have me thinking it is FB.
    Great post - too bad the FB idiots don't have the attention span to read it.

  8. bill- I haven't really had many of those dumb, mean commenters. I think you might be right- they're all on FB. LOL It's a bit sad to think there are that many idiots. Coupled with the fact that I know some of them---YIKES!


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