Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring Break

As my glorious spring break comes to an end, I took a moment to reflect on the week. Here are the ten best things about spring break for me:

1. Home ALONE. Peace and quiet- canNOT be beat.

2. Two, or more, LEISURELY cups of coffee every morning.

3. Up early with NOWHERE to go other than walk my Tucker.

4.Time to sit and be still.

Funny quotes labor day search results from Google

5. Eat ice cream all day long as opposed to just when I get home from school.

6. Stay up late if I want. Which, apparently, I don't.

7. READ books that are above a 5th grade reading level and/or have nothing to do with school.

8. Have conversations with adults that are adult centered.

9. Not having to watch the words that fly out of my mouth.

10. One week closer to SUMMER VACATION!


  1. You've just described my perfect day! Now bring on summer...

  2. Glad you had a refreshing break, Pam. Love that owl before/after pic. LOL Hope you have a good week. Hang in there. Summer's comin'

  3. It's funny but even with just me and my husband at home, I am never alone. He's always home and that's why I get up at 6:30 when I don't have to leave the house until 8:10 - he's still sleeping so I get my ME time in.


  4. God bless our teachers!! You are a hero in my book!!

  5. God bless our teachers!! You are a hero in my book!!

  6. Fun post! I love the one about the motion sensors.

  7. Teaching is hard work...rewarding though for what and how you can impact a life!...:)JP

  8. I think low-key is the missing key to having a relaxing time. Of course, I never could sing on key.

  9. Daughter and the 2 boys came for a week of "break" from Alberta. What got " broken " was our eardrums, my good china, the seat cushions in the dining area, the toy box, several airplane models..... We had so much fun, loved evert minute of the visit, and couldn't wait to wave goodbye as they got ready to head home again!!


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