Sunday, May 4, 2014

Shower Time Again

There was another shower this weekend for the happy couple. This one was a Technology themed event. The Soon-to-be-SIL is a computer guru and my Birdie appreciates technology as well, so, here are some highlights:

Anna, our gracious and very talented hostess (and a techie as well) got quite creative with the decorations:

A 'Congrats' sign made with cable:

A vase made of keyboards:

 Lovely techie lights with tea light candles, mason jars and cables:

There were mouses (mice?) and telephones hanging from the upstairs railing:

So, of course, everyone thought pretending to talk on the phones would make funny pictures. Ah, techies and their humor.

Some lovely ladies--That's Doodlebug on the left, Margaret (a bridesmaid, good friend and one of the sweetest people you would ever hope to meet), Birdie, and Mackenzie (Birdie's BFF since they were three years old):

That's Anna (hostess, bridesmaid and truly wonderful person), Birdie, Caleb (Anna's hubby and all 'round great guy), and my wonderful soon-to-be-SIL.

And that is Miss Lola being held by Birdie. She is the adorable daughter of our host and hostess of the evening.

There were shots---



An audience:


And an interesting final shot series:

Yep, gotta love techies!

One of my favorite things about the lovelies getting married is getting to know their friends even better. Once the nest empties out, you hear about their friends and you even meet some. But you don't always get to know them closely like you did when your kids were growing up. During wedding preparations, you are granted this most wonderful opportunity.

I can honestly say that my girls have made marvelous choices in friends. They are fun, funny, kind, compassionate, caring, smart, involved young people whom I am privileged to know. If these folks are any indication of our future, I am not worried.

Well, except for that whole humor thing....

Thirteen days to the wedding! Stay tuned!


  1. Hey..go easy on techies...I'm one too!! Glad it was enjoyed by all...:)JP

  2. Loved reading this and look forward to the wedding!! Good friends are so important, and your lovely seems to have lots of them in her life! Awesome!

  3. JP- Ha! I teach computer at our elementary school. Guess that makes me one too. LOL

    Terri- I'm so blessed to be invited into their circle. It was easy when they lived at home, now it's more special. By invitation only. LOL

  4. It looks like a fantastic time. I bet you had a blast. Well, it is getting closer and closer. :)

  5. Let the countdown begin! A techie shower? Definitely not something we did in the 80's : )

  6. Kim- We did have a great time! It's only 8 days away now! The excitement is mounting! I got my order from Bumblewood so fast! And the products are fantastic! We're quite pleased!

    Joyce- A lot of their friends are tech geeks so a techie shower it was. They were so cute! Are y'all starting to plan or will they just enjoy being engaged for a while?


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