Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner was a bit of a different story than the bridal luncheon. Not because of the people. The people were FANTASTIC!

This is most of the wedding party---

It's always a big plus when the in-law family are so funny and friendly and lovable and we're very blessed in this area! This is the bride and groom with the groom's grandmother. She is a pure delight!

The down side was the place. And y'all know I tend towards the brutally honest so---

The rehearsal dinner was held at the Coleman Public House here in Mount Pleasant. If these crazy kids appear to be glistening, it's because they're sweating.

The room they put us in was a FURNACE. And it wasn't that hot outside. It was on the far side of the restaurant and sort of resembled a sun porch. Most of the blinds were closed but the heat was ridiculous. Even people who are usually cold-natured were burning up. But that didn't stop the crazy. Because, you know, it's our family...:)

It was cooler outside than it was in that room.

The food? Meh. Nothing to talk about. It didn't err of the side of good or bad. It was merely mediocre. Except for the fries. Haha

That's my brother, step-mother and Dad. I think we lost count at how many times we sent my brother back for those fries.

No memorable tastes to report. However, the fun and laughter and conversation...THAT was memorable! And enough to null and void the heat and lacking of the food.

That's Deanie and her sweet BF--remember him? He's the drummer for The Wild Feathers. We're so glad he was able to be here for the wedding!

That's Mackenzine (Birdie's BFF since they were 3 years old and maid of honor). Everyone is having a blast with the fact that she's holding two beers in her hands. She was holding one for Birdie but the comments have been hilarious! See all that sun shining into that room?

That's my sweetwonderful/terrific/perfect Son-In-Law!

The groom's sister, aunt and uncle. That's a groomsman in the background. And the   sunlight.

Still hot. That's the groom's mom front/right.

A few wedding party members. Sweating. In the sunlight.

Welcome and Thanks from the bride and groom. Sun still shining.

Yep. Wedding festivities = Good Times. Even when it's hot and the food is mediocre. Because it's about the people- the friends and the family, old and new. That's what makes these occasions special. That's what matters over anything and everything else.

In this way, we are truly blessed!


  1. Oh that is too bad it was so hot, but it looks like a great time and lots of fun people and lots of memories.
    Keep showing pictures! I am enjoying every bit. :)

  2. Good morning. I just read both posts and the difference is amazing, in the places I mean. You have such a great family and now to add even more into it, it's amazing and wonderful.
    It is so much fun reading about all this wedding stuff. I have never been to or been part of such a wedding and it is so cool hearing about it.
    Thank you for sharing Pam. It's wonderful.
    I hope you have an awesome week and soon you'll be having two awesome/terrific son in laws. YEAH!!!

  3. What a beautiful family! =) Congratulations to the beautiful couple. Blessings and Sunshine, Valerie

  4. Kim- It was just one of those instances where the people made up for anything not quite up to par. I'm so glad you're enjoying the pictures! Tomorrow's post is the wedding, then the photo booth pix, the bridal portraits and, at some point, the professional pix. You'll be sick of this before it's over. LOL

    Julie- So glad you like them! It was such a great time! Shoot me an email and catch me up on what's going on with you!

    Valerie- Thank you! Everyone had such a great time.

  5. Thank you for taking us along!! The photos are great - shiny faces and all! You are so right about it being all about the people. Your family (and the new in-laws) appear to be so much fun. Just awesome. Looking forward to more!!

  6. Terri- Thanks! I'm so glad you're enjoying the trip down 'wedding lane' with me. :) I'm pretty sure y'all will be begging me to stop before it's all over. LOL

  7. Ha-must have been something in the air. We ate at Blossom in Charleston with our future son-in-law's family and it was a furnace in there too. They said their oven fan had quit so the place was cookin'! We survived. The food was good so that helped. Your people don't look any the worse for wear : )

  8. Weddings are soooo much fun. They tend to take on a life of their own. My theory is to just go with it and enjoy! Sounds like you have the same idea. Many blessings!

  9. Joyce- Ha! This is the only time I've had this happen. It wasn't like that in there when it was Locklear's so not sure what the deal is. But we did have a wonderful time!

    Rosemary- They are! And this one was BIG FUN! Yes, we just went with it and it was worth every minute! Thanks!


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