Monday, May 19, 2014

The Bridal Luncheon

My mother, aunt and I hosted the bridal luncheon this time around. But, the fact that it was WONDERFUL had nothing to do with us. It was the venue- The Old Village Post House here in Mount Pleasant. And let me just start out with saying that, should you ever find yourself in the Charleston area and in need of the perfect venue for a gathering such as ours or just want to enjoy a FANTASTIC meal and a quaint place to stay, I highly recommend this place. HIGHLY.

We were in a room upstairs and Birdie decided on the breakfast buffet for the luncheon. I told them I would bring table decorations. That's a sample of one table- the flowers and the place cards by me. Pretty sure I'll hire someone next time. But it worked out nicely.

Here's the menu--careful not to drool on your computer:
Palmetto Brunch Buffet:
Brioche French Toast; maple syrup
Low-country Shrimp & Grits
Crab Cake; chipotle tartar - in place of Salmon
Scrambled Eggs
Vegetable Quiche; spinach, red pepper, goat cheese
Roasted House Cut Potatoes
Maple Sausage Links
Applewood Smoked Bacon
Fruit Salad
White Lily biscuits

That's Birdie and one of her bridesmaids, Margaret. I have so much to say about the wonderful friends of our bride and groom, but they deserve a post all to themselves. Heck, they each deserve a post individually.

The food was so tasty. Each item had just the right EVERYTHING. Each bite was like a flavor explosion in your mouth. If I searched and searched and then searched some more, I couldn't find one negative thing to say about the food, the service, the physical building and room...not one negative thing. And I seriously do look. I've been like that since I started blogging and reporting on things.

Potatoes, bacon, sausage, crab cakes----

If you do get down this way and want to use The Old Village Post House, just get in touch with Bonnie Richardson. She is the sweetest most wonderful coordinator I've ever worked with. Very personable and able to make you feel like you and your event are the only things in the world she cares about.

Brioche French toast, scrambled eggs, shrimp and grits, veggie tasty!

This is Sarah and Birdie. They've known each other since high school and Sarah flew in from... Iceland? Greenland? Sarah, where the heck do you live now???

DoodleBug and Birdie having an in-depth conversation with the sweet flower girl in this next picture. See the beverage station in the background to the right? That's where our server was- her name was Ann Marie and she was so sweet and polite and funny! Honestly, I don't think those people could have done something wrong if they tried. I meant to take pictures of Bonnie and Ann Marie but I just didn't.

Oh, wait! I just thought of something negative---the dang plates were NOT big enough. LOL

Those are two of the groom's aunties with three friends of the bride and groom. And, YES! The new in-law family is TERRIFIC! It was so good to meet them and we just love them all so much!

Fresh fruit---

This is Mackenzie. She and Birdie have been BFF's since they were 3 years old. She was the maid of honor. We've always called her my dark haired child. She's a gem to say the least!

That's Anna sitting with the aunties. I could never say enough about Anna. You know those people you meet and you think that maybe your life would have been lacking had you never had the opportunity to meet them? Yeah, she's one of those kinds of people. LOVE you, Anna!

Also- see that little burlap bag tied with an orange bow to Anna's right? We filled ten of those with the nicest things for prizes for a game we played. I got the items from Bumblewood (the link will take you to her website). Each bag had a lip balm and either a soap, body lotion bar or body butter inside. The ladies LOVED them! There are no bad things in these products either. AND, she's the daughter of Kim at My Field of Dreams!

That's my BFF for the last 25 years! She will be getting a post all to herself. No one has a BFF like mine. No one. And, no. I am NOT sharing her. :)

All of these girls were in the bridal party--- some couldn't get here, but we had these: Mackenzie, Deanie, Birdie, Anna, DoodleBug, Margaret (another friend who deserves a post all to herself) and the flower girl who is the daughter of the groom's sister who couldn't get off work.

And here's their true selves---

Of course, I had to get one with Bestie in there-

Their true selves just couldn't be contained---

Birdie found these book-like boxes at Michael's and put titles on each one using a play on words with the bridesmaids' names (for example: 19-Katie-4, get it? LOL) and put their gift inside the box.

This is Gammie, the groom's grandmother and her great granddaughter, our flower girl. They were singing and snapping their fingers. OMG- Gammie is AMAZING! She's 86 going on 20. I kid you not!

That's me with three of the lovelies- Deanie, Birdie and DoodleBug-

Birdie and Mackenzie---

And again-- they are looking for a new 'go-to' pose---

It was truly a lovely day---

So there y'all have the bridal luncheon.

I'm not getting anything in return for mentioning The Old Village Post House. But I've never had such a totally, exceptional, perfect experience with anything like I did with them. Come to our area. Use them. I promise you- you will NOT be disappointed!

Stayed tuned for the rehearsal dinner. Where I might have a few different things to say...


  1. Wow! After a testimonial like that, The Old Village Post House is going to get booked solid... But probably is already. Sounds like a wonderful venue. Leaves everyone free to simply enjoy a wonderful event and each other. Love the photos. Such a sweet time.

  2. I have been looking forward to this wedding since you told us it was coming!! Love the photos, love that everything was perfect and love that you are sharing it all with us! Thank you!

  3. Oh yay!! A picture of you!! I love that picture. Except, I am not fooled, you were as tired as I was a year ago. :) What a lovely luncheon. I think that food sounds incredible.
    The girls are so beautiful. What a lovely bunch and what a lovely time you must have had. I can't wait to see the wedding photos.

  4. What an absolutely perfect day! The food looks wonderful, but the company even better! What a delightful collection of dearly loved friends and family! Thanks so much for sharing all the aspects of this long-anticipated wedding with us!! I want to hear all about that rehearsal dinner!

  5. Judy- I was so pleased with the venue! The food, the service, the room--everything was perfect. I think they stay pretty busy. It's the people there- they love their jobs and they're good at them!

    Terri- It came and went so fast! But it was a total blast! There's more to come- hope you don't get sick of it before it's over. LOL

    Kim- I was/am tired. But it was worth it. They LOVED the gifts we got from Meg! And I didn't get one picture. LOL AND I forgot to mention her in the post!!! OH NO! I've got to go back and do an edit. Sheesh.

    Kathy- It was a perfect day! Everyone was so happy and thrilled to meet one another. A lot of the groom's family flew in from Indiana and we had such fun meeting them.

  6. So glad I popped in, have missed you (and obviously missed LOADS OF EXCITING THINGS!)
    Your girls are so beautiful, and I can see now where they get it from - hardly ever see photos of you, but that one is lovely.
    Our school year is drawing to a close (hurrah!), and I'm exhausted, but hope to get back to blogging in the holidays.

  7. Mimi! How have you been?! I have been MIA in the blogging community for a while as well but now have some things to share. LOL Our school is wrapping up too. Only three more weeks and I can't wait!

  8. Sounds like it was lovely. I've never been to a bridal luncheon. Looks like it was a fun time.

  9. Debby- It was great! I've never been to anything that was quite as perfect. That place has it going ON! LOL Thanks!

  10. I was in Charleston last weekend. There seems no end of fabulous eating spots in that city : ) I love the flowers and the bright orange especially. So pretty! And I'm glad the luncheon went smoothly. You certainly had heaven sent weather for a wedding!

  11. Joyce- Could you believe this weather????? It was PERFECT! You should have let me know you were in town- we would have loved having y'all come to the wedding! Is the future SIL from our area?


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