Friday, August 24, 2012

Bits and Pieces and Some Ultimate

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It was back to school here this week for public school and the College of Charleston. No big deal, right? Wrong. This means that DoodleBug, my youngest lovely, began her SENIOR year. In May- just 9 short months from now- she will be a college graduate. And that is giving this empty nest a whole new meaning. Wow.

I added a new tab on the blog- Synergy Work Out- it's a daily journal of my attempt at committing to the 8 weeks required for the work out. I'm hoping that keeping the journal entries on the blog will help keep me accountable.

Last Saturday, the husband and I went out to watch DoodleBug play Ultimate Frisbee. She's been playing since she was a senior in high school. She's even been captain of the team at the College of Charleston. But Saturday was her last time for a while because senior year as an education major is quite time consuming. Especially when you put off taking that science class and have to carry 19 hours this semester. Oops. The tournament was a culmination of the city summer league. Teams are co-ed and they have such fun!

Having dudes on the teams doesn't seem to phase DoodleBug...even though the dudes can really get some height---

and seem to be fearless---

and fierce--- but we all know that, ultimately (no pun intended)------

---it's the girls who get the job done! Yep, that's DoodleBug who just scored even though she had to lay out to do it!

 They're laughing because, right before they went on the field I jokingly said, "Ok, how about eating some dirt or tumbling one last time for the camera?" And not five minutes out there, she had to lay out to score. Some of you might recall that I have many shots of DoodleBug laying out, eating dirt, tumbling, etc. all in the name of 'WINNING'!

The college gang is still coming over once a week for dinner. We switched our day from Wednesday to Tuesday to accommodate their schedules. I still look forward to this weekly visit. It's going to suck when they all graduate in May and move away and we don't do this anymore. I need to find some new college kids. :)

And that's about it. Guess I'll head off to figure out what to do once my baby graduates in May. From college. Even though she's the one who said she'd never grow up and leave me.

Have a great weekend y'all!


  1. Hope she enjoys her last year at CofC.

  2. Wayne- I'm sure she will! She LOVES CofC and has completely enjoyed every moment of her college years! Hope you're enjoying your time away! Thanks!

  3. Such great photos! That guy's face and flying hair in the one is a priceless shot.

    My stepdaughter just started her freshman year at Carolina. She's called every single day. I think she's homesick. But I'm sure it will pass...

  4. Super duper photos! You really captured her spirit and beauty. Love it!!

  5. Diane- Thanks! Oh I hope it passes. Sometimes it just doesn't though. Our girls have had two friends between them all who never got over their homesickness. They ended up coming back to Charleston and going to CofC. Which worked out great. Hopefully your stepdaughter will get involved in some activities and get caught up in positive social events. How's her roomie? Now you've got me worried about her. Keep me posted!

    Tami- Thank you!

  6. Love your shots of the game!
    Hey,with a little luck,she will get a job close to you and you can feed the teachers once a month :)

  7. Doodlebug is obviously lovely, athletically talented, and smart. But how can anyone called Doodlebug be old enough to be a college graduate soon?!

  8. So, I'm guessing she gets those winning genes from you? My DIL plays Ultimate, as well. It's the first post-baby (times four) activity that she gets into.

  9. Lucy- Thank you! Oh geez, have you ever seen teachers EAT? LOL

    Mami- That's what I'm saying! LOL Thank you so much!

    Stephanie- Of course, was there ever any doubt? LOL It's way more intense than I thought. When I first starting going to the games, Birdie was at CofC and on the team (she also served as captain) and I was so shocked! The only thing I don't like about it is how much time they take in between points. Throw the disc already. :)

  10. That was a fun game thanks for sharing. I hope she finds a good education job. From what you wrote I assume it's not science teacher.

  11. bill- Nope. She's shooting for teaching kindergarten! Pretty sure she can handle the science on that level...LOL Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Must have been fun to watch. Looks like fun!

  13. Great pictures! I've never seen Ultimate Frisbee, but it looks like lots of fun-once you know what you're doing!

  14. I would settle for having mine in the same town for a while. Hope she enjoys her senior year...sounds like she'll stay plenty busy!

  15. Oh my WORD!!! The ultimate frisbee made for GREAT photos!

  16. Great action shots! So nice that she has friends over on Tuesday nights. I bet you are having a blast. It is always fun to cook for starving kids. They are so appreciative. Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

  17. That brings back memories of my boys's soccer games. Who enjoys these games more us or them?

    As for moving away, maybe not all your children will move away. My eldest came home and lives just 2 miles away from me.

  18. She is intense! ;-) Great action shots.

  19. Loved the pic's, great action shots and boy..loved those legs, wish mine looked like that!

    Cherish these times, it's just another chapter in the Book of Life! The last college graduation is always bittersweet but, if like my kiddos, some will go on..and on...and on with their education!! My son is going for his second Masters and my DIL is starting her PHD program in a few weeks!

  20. Oh my Doodlebug has some lovely lovely legs! But man, that was quite the layout for sure...these kids and their extreme sports...I was scared of dodgeball. There's no way I could leap in the air and catch a frisbee, never mind dodge some big ol' tall boys while doing it! Go Doodlebug! I'm going to keep on writing out Doodlebug...Doodlebug Doodlebug Doodlebug...that is one great word!

  21. Debby- It was fun to watch! We’re really going to miss going out to the games.

    Ann- Thank you! It is a lot of fun. The kids really enjoy it. Though I don’t really see where it’s something I would dare try. LOL

    Joyce- I hear ya! I do quite enjoy having her just downtown- a mere 15 minute drive. Heaven only knows what will happen come May.

    Keetha- I thought so too. I really love trying to get action shots. Now, if I just had ‘the eye’. LOL

    Kim- Thanks! It is nice having them over on Tuesdays. And they really are so appreciative of the effort…mostly because the effort results in food. LOL

    Lois- Our Birdie used to play soccer. I think we enjoy them just as much! I hope no one goes any further than they are now!

    Kathy- She really is! Thanks!

    Shawn- Thanks! Two of the lovelies have intention of furthering their education- Birdie and DoodleBug. We are a family of educators around here so it won’t surprise me if they do!

    Sandra- That was one of her milder lay outs! That child is fearless! Yeah, standing at only 5’5” you’d think those boys would intimidate her. But they don’t. Thanks!


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