Saturday, August 25, 2012


I love nearly everything about photography. I love to look at photos; I love to look at cameras; I love to watch photographers at work; I love to take pictures...the only thing missing is 'the eye'. I don't really have 'the eye'. Which, I think, is the one thing that sets the photographer apart from the picture taker.

Deanie lives in DC and she has a friend, Gia, who has 'the eye'.

Gia takes photos of food---

that will make you want to go get something to eat---

But I particularly like the portraits she takes---

Especially of my kid---

She takes photos of table settings--

that make you want to get all dressed up for a fancy meal---

and eat this---

But the ones of my kid are my favorites---

She also takes photos of places---

that will make you want to go there---

But I still love her portraits---of my kid---

She takes photos of fancy fashion events----

and women with wild hair----

and cute little poochies---

But I really like her portraits best---of my kid---

Gia has a wonderful artsy side to her photos---

But y'all know which ones I like best, right?

Yep, the ones of my kid---

Though I really do like her other photos----

I just can't help but like the ones of my kid best---

You can visit Gia's website by clicking right HERE. If you're in the DC area and find yourself in need of a photographer- Gia's got what it takes.

Gia's got 'the eye'.


  1. Great photos - especially the ones of your kid!

  2. She certainly does have the "eye", and I agree with you, that's what singles you out from others. No matter hwo good a camera, the detail is in the eye!
    I love all her photos, but my absolute favourite is the 5th from the end, where she's laughing her head off! It's beautiful! She's beautiful!

  3. Sheila- Thanks! Yep, those are the ones I liked best. LOL

    Mimi- So true! I like that one too! Thank you!

  4. Oh yes, she does have "the eye". And I have to agree that I, too, like the ones of your kid the best. ;-)

  5. Kathy- Doesn't she?! I love her work! Aw...thanks! She's a cutie, isn't she? :)

  6. Great photos - and your daughter is gorgeous :)
    I stopping by from sharefestb ~ Bea

  7. LOL Love your lack of bias, Pam. She's so beautiful. Hardly to be compared to a pizza - really.

    Seriously, Gianna does some lovely work. I, too, love the photographic process. But mine are just 'snaps' compared to hers.

  8. Wow!!! Stunning!! Your daughter is gorgeous but you know that :)

  9. Bea- We think so too. :) Thank you so much for stopping by!

    Stephanie- LOL Thought you might. :) Thank you-I have to agree. Gia is fantastic! I would LOVE to have the eye like she does! It just comes naturally to some...the rest of us, as you say- snap.

    Lucy- I kinda did know. LOL Thank you!

  10. What a terrific talent! And your daughter is a beautiful young woman..

  11. Jen- Isn't she though?! Thank you! She's just like her mom...LOL ;)

  12. I love this post!

    Her photos are beautiful. I'm especially impressed by the food ones - I've never been able to get a decent food shot! But I think you're right. The ones of your "kid" are definitely the BEST!

  13. Lisa- I can't get good food shots either. I just don't have 'the eye'. LOL Thank you! She's a keeper!

    Betty- I'm not at all biased, eh? LOL Thanks!

  14. Yes she is very good! Your daughter looks gorgeous.

  15. Oh, what great photos. I take tons and tons of pictures, but can't say that I'm a great photographer, but I am making progress, so guess that counts for something. Your daughter is pretty as can be, no wonder she's your favorite of all the pics. Blessings!

  16. absolutely gorgeous!! The kid and the photos!

  17. Debby- Isn't she?! Some of her stuff just blows me away. Thank you!

    Lea- Thanks! I do too but I don't see where I'm making any progress. I'm just having fun and I'm fine with that. Until I see work like Gia's and then I get all jealous. :) Thank you!

    Deb- Thanks! I simply must agree with you. :)

  18. Ya know, I'm kinda stumped here, but I'm thinking it might be the photos of Deanie you like best. LOL

    Your daughter is GORGEOUS - and I happen to like the B&W portraits best of all. And I like that crisp shirt she is wearing in the photos!

    Oh. And yes, the photographer is quite spectacular!

  19. Yes those photos are beautiful and your kid is freaking gorgeous. I'm kinda like you, I like everything about photography but I don't have 'the eye'. My fav (after the ones about Deanie of course) is the one with the little dog, I think it might be a chi. :)

  20. Hi Pam. I so agree with you that Gia is a fantastic photographer! The black and white photos of your daughter are stunning. I sense a proud mum here!!!

  21. She does take great pictures! But I have to agree, the ones of your kid are the best! Your daughter is beautiful!!!

  22. Judy- Yes! You got it right! LOL Thank you. I much prefer black and whites to color- I've always been that way.

    Alessandra- Wasn't that just the cutest little pup?! Thanks- she's like that inside and out! Always so nice and kind. I don't know where she got those qualities. :)

    Diane- I was so impressed with her work. She's putting together a work of a trip she took to Italy. I can't wait to see those. Me? Proud? Heck yeah! LOL

    Hilary- You're so sweet, thanks! I am still thinking of y'all- hope you're doing better.

  23. what an absolutely stunning daughter you have--and the talent!!!!!--and i have to add---that little strider has very soulful eyes!


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