Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer Sizzle- And a Rant

It's time for the Summer Sizzle update for the end of Week 12 and the beginning of Week 13! And guess what Week 13 is? Our final week! WooHoo!

I really did begin my Synergy workout this week. I even made a page devoted to keeping a Synergy journal. It's at the top of the blog if anyone wants to see how the first week went, or you can just click here. I thought that keeping the journal right here on the blog would help keep me accountable. We'll see.

I would love to tell y'all how I have enjoyed rocking the hell out of this challenge, but that would be a lie. I haven't- as far as weight loss goes. However, as far as fitness is concerned? I think that I might have. Remember those 3 flights of stairs? And now that I've started the Synergy workout, I have to say that fitness has become a major goal.

Weight loss stopped being my main focus a while back when it switched to healthy eating. I can't tell y'all how much better we feel now that we're eating only organic foods- veggies are certified organic and from local farms; dairy products and meats are from small, family owned farms that don't use machinery or give growth hormones or antibiotics to their livestock; grass fed beef, free range chickens/turkey, wild caught fish (fresh from the docks I might add); sugars are only organic cane sugar or honey; flour is unbleached and gluten free; we buy spring water that had to be researched just so we could be sure it was actual spring water with little processing (OH, and there are natural springs right here in our state and one is close to us so I'm going to start filling up's FREE); soaps and shampoos, etc. contain no chemicals... And I know it makes a difference because, two weeks ago, we were out of conditioner and I had some left over from when I bought any old thing from Wally World. I didn't stop smelling that stuff for 3 days and it gave me a headache and made me all itchy...yep, won't be buying anything like that ever again.

And now for the rant portion of the post: I've learned so much about fitness and healthy eating. I've learned which manufacturers to avoid because they claim 'natural' but are not organic and which ones are affiliated in any way whatsoever with the Monsanto Corporation. I've learned that it is nothing less than a complete and utter travesty that our government is allowing big business (and this has been going on for AGES) like the Monsanto Corporation to produce GMO crops and tell the American public that our food is safe and nutritious and even the supreme court who enables Monsanto to run the small, family owned farms out of business. Disgusting. And I don't even know the half of it, I'm sure. But that's enough to make me sick and tired of it. And scared, to be honest. It's not good when our food supply is not only being tainted but being allowed to be tainted--dare I say- encouraged to be tainted.

So, yes, I've lost weight. But that's not the best thing or even the most important. My fitness level has improved tremendously and I'm completely motivated to boost it even more. The foods I feed my family and the products we use are healthy and chemical free. There's no turning back now! And we're all the better for it! And we are more encouraged than ever before to go off the grid. It's time to say, "ENOUGH."

I definitely surpassed my fitness goals from Week 10 by beginning the Synergy workout!

Week 13 - (begin August 26) - LOW CARB WEEK & NO EATING OUT
We don't eat that many carbs in a day or week and we rarely to never eat out, so this really shouldn't be a problem.

Have a great last week of Summer Sizzle y'all!


  1. It is very sad that the government lets that stuff pass. You would think they would care more but it always boils down to the money and the payoffs!

  2. Do I dare be so bold as to say I believe that guy who is the CEO of Monsanto is the Anti Christ. He has made such startling clams about owning every seed on the face of the earth. When you read about how his scary seeds are that they of engineered then you see how dangerous he really is.

    Good for you and all of the changes you have made. I bet you are so much healthier than you were say a year ago.
    I am checking out your journal. I am been so curios about your Synergy week.

  3. Debby- It is sad. And scary as hell. What good will the money do them when we're all dead? I'm betting that the pharmaceutical companies are in on it too.

    Kim- Tell it Sista! He's a scary, mean, hateful, greedy man. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. I bet he never lets his family eat that crap. I'm just hoping that Karma takes a huge bite out of his ass. And soon.

  4. This is not the first time I hear the name Monsanto, but I really don't know too much about it. However, it doesn't sound good. I try to buy from local farms too but it's not easy changing my husband's mind, and since he's the one that does the shopping, I need to get more info before I just tell him to buy organic etc.
    I'm so glad you feel better, and you're right, eating healthy is the real reason, not just losing weight. Btw, what did you mean by going off the grid completely? Hope you had a great weekend :)

  5. The last time I visited my son and family I forgot to take my baking soda and salt mixture to brush my teeth. I didn't want to be a bother and decided to use their toothpaste. It was a brand I used years ago (many, many) but this time my eyes burned just from the fumes. It never bothered me, yes I knew it was strong but not that strong.

    I lived in Az for a while, there was a large factory farm (cows) on my way into the city. One day I spotted a dead cow on the outside of the fencing, it stayed there for over a week. One day, I saw a forklift come get this cow. I pulled over to see what they were going to do to it. I wish I hadn't. They fed it into a chipper machine, grinding it up,then took that and dumped the ground up remains into the food troughs. I vowed not to eat meat unless I knew where it came from from that point on.

    As for Monsanto, what bothers me after what these genetically modified seeds can do to our bodies is what happens when/if they choose to cut back production. These seeds can not be used again, they are dead after one season. That's not sustainable.

  6. That's why I raise my own as much as possible and buy from our local farms what I can't.
    You have come so very far Pam and I thank you for letting me be part of your journey. Keep teaching and I'll keep learning.

  7. You're an inspiration! you've done an incredible job, and it's so lovely to share your journey here.
    Don't get me started on GM stuff, we will all regret it some day. All we can do is support local, small farmers, cos governments and big business won't.

  8. I've been reading more and more about all the different types of chemical processes etc. that foods go through before they are actually put on the shelves - it's shocking and sad that food manufacturers feel that these processes are necessary, especially when they know it can't be good for the consumers!

    Seeing improvements in fitness level is fantastic! Keep up the great work :)

  9. Unfortunately, we can't trust big government or big corporations. It's all about money and power. Keep it small; keep it local. Know where your food is coming from.

  10. Alessandra- Just do a little research. That’ll be enough to piss you off enough to dig deeper. And that will scare you enough to beware of what you let come into your house. It’s CRAZY. Going off the grid means being totally self-sustainable—growing our own food, providing our own electricity and water, etc. I would LOVE it!

    living- It’s amazing the difference, isn’t it? I can’t believe I let my girls use that stuff while they were growing up. Holy Crap- that’s terrible about the cow! Ew. I’m only getting meat from small, family owned, certified organic farms in our area. It’s just not worth it to do it otherwise. Monsanto is a scary thing.

    Julie- We’re growing as much as we can but I don’t seem to have found that elusive green thumb just yet. I'm learning from you too girl! My spaghetti sauce turned out great! I followed your directions and it worked! So at least my motivation to keep trying is strong.

    Mimi- Thank you! I know, that GMO stuff is crap and it’s scary crap at that.

    Plum- It really is shocking and sad. And scary. The greed is off the charts for sure. Thank you! I’m trying to keep it going!

    Judy- No we can’t and it truly is a shame. Keep is small, keep it local would be a fantastic, catchy phrase to put out there!

  11. My Sister has lost close to 30 lbs by reducing carbs! Keep up the positive attitude!...:)JP

  12. You know me, I am less government involved girl ALL THE WAY around but we seem to pick and choose when and where we like the government to step in. Anyway,years ago the government stepped into farming and look where it has got us? Oh, here I go, ranting,politics and such, yikes!

    I think it is great how you have gotten healthy and you have really stuck to your guns on this one :)

  13. Good for you starting that Synergy program! Another giant leap towards better health!
    I am so happy to hear from many bloggers that even if they think they didn't do well on this challenge, they did learn quite a bit about what makes them tick regarding diet and exercise. I think that is success no matter how you dice it!


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