Monday, August 27, 2012

iPads in Kindergarten? Really?

The wonderfully sweet Stasha, over at The Good Life, hosts Monday Listicles each week. This week is all about living in 2012. Specifically a list of 10 clues you are living in 2012. I would include her button here but I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to do it as it won't let me right click. It's a really cute button though! Until I get it figured out, just click the link above if you'd like to join in the fun!

I had to enlist help with this one- the old mind just isn't what it used to be. When the brain remains idle no matter how hard I try to engage it, I enlist the aid of the lovelies. 

  1. Your kids spend more time with their facebook friends than their actual friends. (Thanks to Breezy) This may be true for adults as well.
  2. Your kids get their exercise by playing interactive games on the Wii that replicate real activities rather than actually going out and doing the activity. (Thanks, again, to Breezy)
  3. You can see the Book of Mormon on Broadway. (Thank you, Deanie)
  4. Pinterest. Enough said. (Thanks, again, to Deanie)
  5. You have to think really hard when you use cash to pay for something. This happened to me a few weeks ago. The cashier (younger than I) and I both had a good laugh over it. Though it's not really that funny.
  6. The list of school supplies for your kindergartener includes an iPad. Is this really necessary?
  7. Many levels of students can get their textbooks via an ipad. I think this is WAY cool. No more carrying around bookbags that weigh more than the kids! And think of the trees that will be saved!
  8. There are no more face-to-face conversations because no one stops texting just because you're standing in front of them trying to have a conversation with them.
  9. Your parents and/or grandparents not only know what Kindles/iPads/etc are, they're using one!
  10. Seeing someone walking around without a pair of earbuds in their ears is a rarity.
 What would you include on your list?


  1. LOL - that list is so true. Another thing is kids keeping in contact with their grandparents by Skype. Now that is amazing too!

  2. The Wii is a really great one, I didn't think it list that! The technology these days definitely blows me away...

  3. At 64, I'm really into the technology of today now the Pres on the other hand still thinks a mouse is a furry gray rodent!! LOL...:)JP

  4. Annie- Yes! Skype! I forgot all about that one! Excellent! How's everything over there?

    Stacie- It does me too! I can't even begin to imagine what it's going to be like in another 5 or 10 years!

    JP- LOL You are a riot!

  5. #5 and #8 are soooo sad, but so true. :/ Great list!

  6. Robyn- I know! How do we make it STOP?! :)

  7. I've been spending some time with grandkids who have to learn to type in grade 2. And my son tells me that young people no longer see advertising the way I do. They watch TV in a whole different way.

  8. Sometime you can't right click you just have to highlight and copy!
    The technology today is out of control. Don't get me wrong, I love it but when you have to tell someone to stop using their phone during a movie just drives me crazy or when people are out to dinner and everyone at the table is on their phone. My brother goes to bars in the evening and he said everyone is on their phone so why come to the bar. The bar is a place to socialize! Sorry for the rant.

  9. Stephanie- They learn to type here too- in computer class. They start in kindergarten. Ridiculous. When are they going to have time to be kids? I think he's talking about DVR- we have that. But we have no idea how to use it. LOL

    Debby- It is crazy, that's for sure. And it is making us lazier than we ever were before. Excellent point about the bar! No worries- I ranted yesterday. :)

    Betty- Yep. Not here but in other states. If mine were in kindergarten now, having to buy an iPad would be something I would absolutely refuse to buy.

  10. Please tell me you're kidding about the iPad for kindergarten! I would start homeschooling if my kids brought home a list like that!

    My mom is 70 and she spends more time on facebook than anyone I know. She not only does her "farming" but all of her grandkids' too. Seriously. I've sure if I had a "farm" she'd do mine too. LOL.

  11. Great list, but it makes me so sad to read it, cos I think kids should be out playing in the street.
    Another thing, you hit on it in #1, but, on outings/nights out, people spend as much time taking photos for their FB statuses than actually enjoying themselves. Or, as my daughter puts it "look how much I'm enjoying yself- so much that I took a photo to prove it!".

  12. Diane- I wish I was but someone told me, in their state, they're asking for them. Ridiculous. hahahah- farming! Too funny!

    Mimi- I think so too. True! They do seem to be doing that! LOL

  13. Well sad to say, I am guilty of lots of things on your list. I mean, all of my friends are on the internet. I rarely talk on the phone to real people anymore. I am glad that my kids were all little before this and they did go outside and climb trees.
    My grands did start kindergarten this year and thankfully no I pads. :)
    This was fun.

  14. Kim- Aren't we all?! And, in some cases, I'm quite grateful. Without all the internet stuff like blogging I wouldn't have met wonderful new friends like you! My kids were outside all the time too. We had some video games but they rarely played them.

  15. Michele- Me too. I get so tired of talking to the top of someone's head. I'm going to stop talking the next time that happens and, when they look up and say, "Sorry, what were you saying?" I'm gonna come back with, "Nothing, you missed your opportunity to hear it."

  16. I recently saw something on Pinterest that was a link to 'the top 10 apps for preschoolers'. Really? I guess I get it but at the same time it makes me a little bit sad.

  17. Joyce- What?! Are you SERIOUS?! Wow. Moms, dads and teachers are going to have a hard time competing with that.

  18. #8 is so true. Sometimes I'll be on the cell with my mom and she'll ask me to Skype her and I'm still on the phone while I'm watching her on Skype. It's like there's a mental disconnect somewhere.

  19. Kate-I do it too sometimes. But I find that I tend to focus on one over the other and then the person asks- "Are you there?" LOL

  20. That whole simulated game vs real activity drives me bonkers. We go outside as much as possible!

  21. The idea of using an ipad instead of buying tons of books would be great in college, maybe even high school. But kindergarten, I'm not sure I would like that. I complained, loudly, that I didn't want my 5th grader using a calculator in math class...boy how times have changed. I didn't like video games in the home, but my grandmother thought my boys should have what all the other kids had. So Christmas one year included a Nintendo, my boys figured out soon that I wasn't going to let them use it all the time, but then there were times, when they had friends over, that they were glad I didn't let them play on it all day, I became their excuse to turn it off and actually go out and play.

  22. Times, they are a changing! Wendell loves when D3 shares earbuds with him. He likes Taylor Swift. Our mare, Molly, likes Sugarland. The earbuds are a bit small, and without the long cord, I'd be afraid that they'd be lost for good. I could see explaining that to our farm vet now.

  23. I love this list. I would add that my 15 month old granddaughter knows how to turn the pages on my Kindle.

  24. Ducky- Me too. When the lovelies were growing up, they were outside playing nearly every day. The most action our video games caught were dust related. :)

    Lois- Agreed. We're still not letting the elementary students use calculators around here. Mostly they don't start with those until high school. The thing that gets me is from the moment they started requiring students to use a computer to generate their papers- not everyone has a computer, but that issue was never considered.

    Patrice- They certainly are! O gosh, I must have a picture of the sharing of the earbuds!

    Vicki- Thank you! Wow! Kids do learn early, don't they? You better watch out, she might be reading from it any day now! :)

  25. Ah, technology a wonderful thing but like everything we seem to forget to learn the balance of a tool and we need to count on parenting because they certainly don't trust teachers.
    Anyway, I won't rant,too much LOL Kindle and such might lessen the back but now we have eye,wrist and elbow issues, once again, balance,all about balance!

  26. With a little help from the kids :) reading your list is like sci-fi scenario fom a70' movie! Love it.
    Ps sorry bout the button :(


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