Thursday, August 23, 2012

Something for Nothing

A few weeks ago I received an email from an eye wear company called Firmoo offering me a FREE pair of glasses OR sunglasses; prescription OR not in exchange for writing an objective review. I couldn't pass this up! So I ordered these sunglasses (only mine are ivory):

I didn't order them for my prescription because I don't wear prescription sunglasses and my eye glass prescription needs to be checked so I didn't want to order any glasses with the old prescription.

I tried taking a picture of myself with the new sunglasses on and, in the process, realized three things:
  • I suck at taking pictures of myself
  • My bathroom mirror needs to be cleaned.
  • I hadn't touched my hair since the morning run.
Here it is anyway---I don't normally wear light colored sunglasses but I really like these! I'm laughing because I kept getting the flash and nothing else. Remember, empty nester entertainment is self imposed:

Now here's the good news: if you go to the Firmoo website you can order your FIRST PAIR of prescription/non prescription glasses/sunglasses for FREE! All you pay is shipping. That's it!

Once I remember to set up an appointment with the eye doc, I'm going to order my glasses from this company. I'm satisfied with the quality of the sunglasses and the customer service folks at Firmoo proved to be kind and willing to go that extra mile. They also have a virtual try on thingy. You know, where you can put the glasses on different models to see what they look like? You can also add a picture of yourself to use. Not to mention that the wait time was minimal.

OH! And the day I decided which sunglasses to order, they did not have the ivory in stock. No problem. They had them the very next day!

Just click HERE if you'd like to check out the company. They offer glasses for men and women. And who can pass up a FREE pair of glasses?


  1. For real?! I will have to check that out!

  2. Mrs- YES! For real! If I ever get my prescription updated, I'm going to order mine from them. Free is in the budget! :) See you tomorrow for Friday Fragments!

  3. Good reminder that I need to schedule an eye exam. Then I'll definitely give them a try ... free is good.

  4. I enjoy your writing style. Funny. Ill check out that deal!

  5. Vicki- Yes it is! Free fits right into the budget, doesn't it? I guess I still need a reminder about an eye appointment as I STILL haven't scheduled one. :)

    Holly- Thank you! Do check them out- I found them to be pretty good and who can pass up free?! :)


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