Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wedding Hilarity

No wedding is complete without a photo booth. Those things are a RIOT!

I'll let the pictures do the talking. Sort of...

Deanie and Ben---I swear they are so dang cute!

Groomsman Jason and his sweet Claire- love them!

This one is Breezy, my brother Tony and me!

That sweet best man, Mark and his lovely Melissa! Adore them!

Anna and Caleb! Best people EVER! And funny! They BOTH possess great humor!

This is Bestie's hubby, their daughter, their SIL and Bestie herself!

The adorable Bride and Groom!

These next ones are a hot mess! Just like the crazy kids that are in the shots! I love each and every one of them to pieces!

And again---

Oh, Lord. This is my mother (Mimi), DoodleBug, Me, and Breezy!

Cousins! All my girls, Robert and April and the new, six week old, Penelope! Jed didn't come. I don't think they wanted to chase him around. LOL

Ok, this is my mother, her sister, me and all the lovelies except the Bride...not sure where she was!

My dad and step-mom and the lovelies!

When you're in Charleston for your wedding, I happily suggest you use Charleston Photo Booths. The booth is bigger than any others we've seen at other weddings and it was BIG FUN! They give everyone in the picture a strip of the photos and then they put one in a scrapbook and let the folks in the picture write something to the bride and groom. They also put a DVD in the back of the album with all the pictures on it. And that's how I was able to make the collages on PicMonkey!


  1. Of course there's wedding hilarity! It wouldn't be your family without a ton of fun. Love the photo booth pics. What a wild and crazy bunch. :-)

  2. What fun!! The last wedding we attended (nephew's) there was a photo booth, but it was only big enough for two people and the line was so long, Joe and I didn't even go close enough to even see what they were doing. The bigger one makes great sense, and how wonderful that they do the album and the disc. Awesome. Thanks so much for sharing the hilarity!! :)

  3. It looks like you had so much fun. I love all of the photos.

  4. How fun! Such great pictures and happy memories. Blessings and Sunshine, Valerie

  5. Judy- I know you're right about that! LOL Thanks!

    Terri- Most of the ones we've been to have had the smaller ones too. The fact that this one was bigger was the selling point for us.

    Kim- We did! It was so fun and laid back. Wish you could have been here with us! You've got to get over to this side!

    Valerie- Thank you! It was a great time! I love the way you end with "Blessings and Sunshine"!

  6. These pictures are just so fun and lively. What a great bunch of people. It is so great to see pics of you having a lot of fun!! Thanks for sharing.Love you! XX

  7. Oh my goodness - what wonderful memories! That is by far the biggest photo booth I've seen at a wedding! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Barb- They are a great bunch! You would fit right in! Love you too!

    biz- It was such fun! And it was the best we've seen too. Big enough for lots of crazy all at once. LOL

  9. I love a photo booth. We did that at a wedding in 2012 and we used the picture for our Christmas Card! These were fun, thanks for sharing.

  10. Debby- They are the BEST, aren't they? BIG FUN!

  11. I love photo booths! We had it at our youngest daughter's wedding and have been to several at other wedding receptions. They are so FUN. The one you suggested sounds awesome. Most of them only give out a couple strips, rather than to *each* of the people in the photo :)

  12. Wanda- Me too! This one was the best I've ever experienced. AND it was less costly! AND they gave us a CD with all the pictures on it so we could get bigger pictures! Thanks!


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