Friday, May 23, 2014

Bridal Portraits

Since Birdie is a true Charleston girl, we went downtown Charleston for her bridal portraits. We hit Waterfront Park, Rainbow Row, Water Street, the Battery, the old Charleston museum and several little off the beaten path streets and alleys. It was rather warm that day, but the photos turned out great!

Here are the ones I took:

You might notice that, when she was looking at me, the poses were a bit more...expressive. LOL

The pineapple fountain is at Waterfront Park---

Iron gates make a nice background---

Cobblestone streets are better for pictures than they are for cars---

Rainbow Row---

The Marilyn poses. Thanks to the wind which blew up strong and Birdie played right along.

And here are the professional shots:

I can't believe I can't find the photographer's site. He is the BIL of Bestie's hubby! We do try to keep as much as we can in the family. :)  Anyway, he lives in Wilmington, NC. Lucky for us, he has grandchildren right here in Charleston he loves to visit so we threw a bridal portrait shoot in the mix.

I'm getting to the end of these wedding posts, I promise! The next ones might be more writing than pictures but I'll incorporate some pix in here and there!

Thanks so much, y'all, for being so kind with your comments and patient with my pictures!


  1. Gorgeous! I've been enjoying all of the wedding posts. Don't feel bad for putting them up here! Your daughter is beautiful, and the photos really captured her beauty and her delight.

  2. The pictures are amazing and she is a beautiful bride!!!! I love her dress.....

  3. How gorgeous. My daughter is getting her bridal portraits done tomorrow and is so nervous! Blessings and Sunshine, Valerie

  4. Beautiful bride making for a beautiful wedding and pix! Congratulations again!!!...:)JP

  5. Your pictures are just as good in my humble opinion!! They are both great. She's so pretty.

    And now I miss Charleston wayyyy too much, thank you! I so loved living there. Just a bit too pricey.

  6. Christine- Thank you! I'm almost finished. Just waiting on the professional shots of the wedding. It's been nice posting, sort of like keeping the fun going. :)

    Debby- Thank you! I love that dress too. I prefer the shorter dresses like hers.

    Valerie- Thank you! Oh! Tell her to just relax and have fun with it!

    JP- Thank you!

    Barb- You're too kind! I wish you still lived here. But I do understand the pricey part. I live it every day.

  7. I love your pictures and how pretty she is and how wonderful all of the places you took photos are.
    I am so glad you are posting. I feel just like I was there, well sort of. :) Have a very nice three day weekend. School will be soon over. I bet you are looking forward to that. Any desks or bookcases in the future this year for your vacation?

  8. Kim- Thank you! I wish you had been here for real! I'll be so glad when summer break arrives- except for the heat, of course. LOL I think I'm so tired I might just sit down for two and a half months. Ha!

  9. Well, no disrespect, but your photos are just as good (if not better) than the professional ones. Seriously.

    I love, love, love the wedding dress. Said that before, but had to say it again.

    I'm not tired of wedding posts...keep them coming! What a wonderful time for you all!

  10. Terri- Thank you! I'm still waiting on the professional pix of the wedding. Hopefully those will be here soon. I have a couple of posts in the works, mostly words, but we've had a bit of a family emergency so they will come along ASAP. Thanks so much for sticking it out!

  11. Oh.. my ..God, these are stunning!
    So glad I dropped by!
    She is so very beautiful, and looks so happy and so comfortable in her dress, a very happy bride.
    Charleston is now on my bucket list, what a fabulous place you live in! Gorgeous architecture!


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