Friday, May 30, 2014


They're great, aren't they? They come in all shapes and sizes. They come in all ages. They live far, they live near. Some we see at work. Some we see on our way to the mailbox every day. Some we know only via blogging.

Regardless of how we know them, what they look like or their age, friends are great.

Let's take Bestie, for example (that's her and her hubby and Birdie at the rehearsal dinner). I know y'all have read and read and read all about my Bestie. It's easy to write about her though, because she's such a terrific, all round person. There are times that I know for a fact, without a doubt, that I would not be able to get through without her. And I'm not talking about special times like the two weddings that she's pulled off for our family. This is a person who listens and, while we almost always agree, she is a true friend in that she tells me the truth and not what I want to hear. This is a person who lets it be known by her actions that she is a great friend. This is someone who will drop everything in a split second to be there when needed. This is a person who possesses great wisdom and a most wonderful sense of humor. She is one of the most caring people I've ever met and possesses southern charm beyond compare. She and I are so different- I stand 5'10", she's, maybe, 5'0". She's nice to everyone, I'm standoffish. She's warm, generous and inviting, I'm critical, sarcastic and skeptical. She has the patience of a saint and I had to look up how to spell the word 'patience.' She loves a party and I love to stay home alone. We do have our similarities as well- we both LOVE football and we both yelling during football games. We both also love to share our opinions during our yelling about what the stupid coaches should be doing instead of what they are doing. We both will take each other's secrets to the grave. We both needed to lose weight--(she did it, I didn't). We both think politicians suck (though she's conservative and I'm liberal). We both have daughters that we love more than anything else in this world. We both love animals and hate child molesters and we would both like to make the laws regarding the fate of those who are guilty of either act. We're also quite good at solving the world's problems though the world never asks us what to do. :)

Bestie's hubby (can you see him in the picture? You'll see more of him when the professional pix arrive) is a gem. These two work together like the proverbial well oiled machine. He's got her back and their teamwork, not just during a wedding but in all things, is like none other I've ever seen. He's kind and nice and keeps plugging no matter what life throws his way. AND, when needed, he steps right up and beautifully officiates your daughter's wedding. And he'll do it well! It adds something a little special when the officiant has known said daughter since she was a toddler. :)

And my neighbor, Tina. I would wish for everyone of you to have a neighbor like her. Y'all know how I am about my sweet pup, Tucker. Birdie has a dog too, Strider, and most of you probably remember him. And y'all probably know that, in our family, we are THOSE kind of dog owners. Our pets are part of the family and that's just that. Why did we not have to stress over our beloved pets during the wedding? Because my wonderful neighbor came over 4 times, FOUR, to check on them, let them out, and give them love. Most folks would have just come over the one time I asked them to so the dogs could go out. But not Tina. And that was one of the MAIN reasons we didn't have to worry on the day of the wedding. It doesn't stop there. Tina and her sweet hubby are always ready and willing to help out whether it's a next door neighbor or a far away friend. They are quick to show community spirit and pride in our neighborhood. They never pass you by without waving and/or chatting and always making you feel loved. I realized while writing this post that I do not have a picture of Tina---why is that Tina??? I do have pictures of their dogs but, shocker, can't find one to put up. I thought of stealing borrowing one from her Facebook page but wasn't sure if that was kosher.

The friends of the lovely Bride and the wonderful Groom. Beginning with the moment they became engaged, the Bride and Groom had to know that they were surrounded by true friends if they didn't know it already. I love each and every one of these young adults. I've mentioned before that knowing your kids' friends in an empty nest is not remotely the same as when they are still living at home. When the chicks have flown the coop, you hear about their friends way more than you actually meet or get to know them. With exceptions, of course. I knew a lot of their friends already but met the rest at the wedding. I was impressed. Pleased. Excited! Inspired! Birdie and NewSonInLaw have the most wonderful friends! These people hit the dance floor about 7:30ish and didn't leave it until 10:30. The energy was contagious. Before the wedding- including all events leading up to the wedding- their friends were there offering support, encouragement, laughter and lots of love. Even the ones who live out of town. Hugs and a huge 'THANK YOU' to each and every one of you!

My friends at school who listened to my wedding concerns (family members who might not behave themselves) with sincerity and who were quick to sent congratulations our way. And who, on a daily basis, reminded me of how to find the humor in every situation and to breathe. And who show every day that I am loved.

And all of you in the blogging community who have been supportive and encouraging and positive in your comments  before and after the big day and your patience with all these dang pictures. :)

And, speaking of pictures, the photographer has yet to give us the disc of his shots. I guess he's regretting taking 1600 photos after all. I'll get those up ASAP!

Cause I know y'all want more. Ha!


  1. One of the best things about weddings is the way friends from all different walks of life get together. Thanks for sharing these insights and memories.

  2. Yes - more photos, please!! I have loved the pictoral journey and can't wait to see the professional shots. I can't imagine them being better than yours, though!

    You have been blessed, Pam. And it is obvious that you know it and appreciate it!!

  3. Lovely post! Love ya Darlin'! XO

  4. Yeah! Happy wedding endings!

    A big step for us as moms when they fly the coop.

  5. What a wonderful tribute to your best friends, Pam! They sound like terrific people. I wonder if they would consider cloning.

    Can you imagine the photographer going through 1600 photos? Was that for real?

  6. I really enjoyed the pictures and hearing about your bestest friend. We all need friends like that.


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