Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summertime Addiction

It's happened. I never thought it would but it did. I've become addicted to HGTV. In particular, Property Brothers and Love It Or List It Too. 

But, mostly, it's Jonathan and Drew Scott that I enjoy watching. Daily. For hours at a time. 

And, no, it's not just for the visual appeal. Although I'd be lying if I said they were hard to look at. LOL

I just enjoy their enthusiasm and the way they come across as truly caring about their clients. And then there's the way they do things right and to completion. I don't think I've ever seen men do that. Except for my dad who always gets the job done before it becomes a huge, expensive issue. 

I also enjoy the good-natured banter between the brothers and their expertise provides a learning experience. For example, I've learned that I would love for them to come fix my house. Ha!

Yes, this is the way I have spent my first week and two days of summer break. My house is not clean or organized. The yard is a hot mess. And I have guests coming this weekend.

And PLEASE don't give me any suggestions as to other really good programs on this network. I HAVE to sleep sometimes. And eat. Though I can do the latter while watching....hmmm...

Perhaps, HGTV, you could put those programs I'm not that fond of (House Hunters, House Hunters International) on for the next few days. Just so I can get ready for the visitors.

OR, and even better, just send Jonathan and Drew over for a quick reno! OR, we could just list it. :)

**All the photos were borrowed from their Facebook page- and all are linked to their page! 


  1. So do Jonathan and Drew have any good excuses for why they can't come over and organize your home?? My problem is not watching HGTV (I don't have cable), but just knowing where to start. Ack! Have a fun summer, Pam. :-)

  2. Judy- I can't think of one single reason. LOL The summer has been lazy so far. But it's time to play catch up- and one of the things on my list is reading blogs!!! Hope you are well!

  3. Hi Pam,
    Nice to see a post, now I know what you are doing. I don't have cable either so I don't know what it is you are watching. :)
    It looks like it could be a fun show though.
    I am glad you are enjoying your summer.

  4. I know!!! They are SO good. I can sit down on a Saturday morning, turn on HGTV, and away we go. If you find their numbers, please share! I need them too!

  5. Kim- I have been a bit busy with the husband and an accident he had. I emailed you the details. It's a great show and quite addicting.

    Terri- Hahaha! I'll share AFTER they finish my house. LOL


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