Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Chattin' It Up This Summer

What's this? Two weeks in a row back to the chat? WooHoo!

Doesn't the party at the farm sound like so much fun?! Patrice, we just can't wait to see the pictures! Meanwhile, we'll settle for joining you for a nice, first of July chat.

Everyday Ruralty 

  1. What do you think you would have liked most from my menu? Well, that's a hard one Patrice so I think I'll just go with the desserts. I would have pulled my seat right up to that dessert table and proceeded to stuff my mouth. LOL
  2. Have you ever had an interesting experience with serving dinner guests? An interesting experience? Not really. Not when I've done the cooking and serving. However, I did notice a couple of people blatantly switching around place cards at the bridal luncheon for our recent wedding. Not really interesting. Just something I found quite annoying (ok, rude) since they didn't even bother to ask. 
  3. What's your favorite beverage, this summer? Water. I'm trying to stay away from all things sugar, even organic. However, there is this French pink lemonade that might have made its way into the house a time or two. 
  4. Do you ever have bouquets of fresh flowers in your home? No. Some of y'all know how I feel about cutting flowers just to bring them in the house to die. I am opposed to the killing of innocent flowers. :)
  5. Tell me something interesting. Please. My friend, Katie, has had her first book published! She teaches in one of our kindergarten classes at school and we're all so excited for her! If you click RIGHT HERE, you will go to the site where you can pre-order your very own copy!  AND, y'all are NOT going to believe this, my Bestie from high school, Nancy, has just had HER first book ever published. You can click RIGHT HERE to get your own copy of her thriller! 
Wow. All these people I actually KNOW are authors! 

                        Rocks, Paper, Flowers Cover Image: Lavendar with mannequin in dress of flowers
Katie's book!
Nancy's book!


  1. I am zooming in on the folks switching place cards at the wedding....I agree with you...it was rude and inconsiderate especially since they didn't ask!...:)JP

  2. I feel the same way about cut flowers, unless they're on their way out anyway. I made a fun, sugar-free icy dessert that I'll probably post next Monday (if I remember). We loved it! I'm off sugar too, now that I've had my piece of strawberry shortcake for the year. LOL

  3. How great that your two friends had their books published! I feel the same way about flowers. I posted this 'chat' last week, and answered about the same on that one.

  4. Are you expecting Arthur at your house today? I think of you whenever I see the weather for your area.


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