Monday, June 30, 2014

Rocks, Paper, Flowers

OMGosh! Check. This. Out.

I'm not kidding! I'm so excited!

Y'all have GOT to see this!

Ok, it's just a book cover, right? WRONG!

This is the FIRST book one of the sweetest people you'd ever hope to meet has written. I've known her for..well, never mind cause who really wants to date themselves? But I've known her quite a while. She teaches in one of the kindergarten classes at our school and she's just the sweetest thing, really!

If you click the book cover (or RIGHT HERE)  you will go to the site where you can pre-order a copy of her first book. If you'd rather, you can wait for my review and make a decision based on that.

Here's just a bit from the publisher's site:

Rocks, Paper, Flowers is the story of one woman’s life-changing journey to overcome grief and loss. It is a testament to a daughter’s love for her mother and the unique bond between siblings.

Either way, PLEASE consider ordering a copy of Katie's book! She'll appreciate it and so will I!

Meanwhile, GET EXCITED! This is BIG!


  1. I went to the publisher's site to read the entire blurb. Sounds like my sister in law's family. Very similar situation and background. Sounds like a great book. Congrats to your friend on her first book!

  2. Congrats, Katie! Love the cover and, yeah, a book is BIG BIG news!

  3. How exciting! The cover is great. I'll wait for your review. Hope it will be available for Kindle.

  4. Terri- I don't know about the Kindle but I will find out and include that with my review. I pre-ordered my copy so I'm waiting. Impatiently. LOL

  5. Cathy- Isn't it? We're all so excited for her! Thanks!

  6. Judy- Thanks! And feel free to share this with anyone you think might be inclined to buy a copy. LOL

  7. So exciting and it sounds like a terrific book! I'll read it for sure!

  8. Kathy- GREAT! Please let me know what you think!


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