Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sizzlin' and Chattin'

It's a HOT Tuesday here in the low-country of SC. It's a good thing we can sit in the shade on the porch, sip some lemonade (or guzzle some spring water) and chat with Patrice and Wendell! Hey, wait. Where did I put those carrots for the best horse EVER???

Everyday Ruralty 

This week's questions:
  1. What's your favorite kind of cheese? I'm not sure I have a favorite. I like most cheeses. Now, I do have my favorites depending on what I'm making. For example, I prefer Munster on a grilled cheese sandwich, sharp cheddar (no dye) on crackers and mozzarella in stick form. 
  2. Have you ever been in a log cabin? I have. A family of friends bought property out in the country- and I mean OUT, WAY out- and they built a log cabin. It's quite nice! 
  3. What is your favorite kind of salad dressing? I know I'm supposed to say something like balsamic vinaigrette but, I'm a ranch dressing gal all the way! Did you know that the Hidden Valley Ranch comes in organic now? 
  4. When was the last time you saw someone from your high school days? Not since college. And, to be perfectly honest and with only one exception (my BFF-she was great!), there's a reason for that. They were horrid people then and I doubt many of them have changed over the years. 
  5. Tell me what the perfect dinner party would look like for you. We used to have a Christmas dinner party every year when the lovelies were growing up but it was for the grown-ups. It was small, only six of us, but we had a fabulous time and all looked forward to it every year. It was held at our house and everyone contributed. Our neighbors at the time (LOVED them so much) brought French onion soup that the wife made, from scratch. It's the only French onion soup I've ever liked. Anyway, the house was all decorated and we all got dressed up in nice clothes and ate by candlelight with Christmas music playing in the background. Good times! I prefer smaller dinner parties. They are more intimate and you can talk with people you know and enjoy being around instead of making social small talk with people you don't know as well. 
Have a wonderful week, y'all! And stay cool!


  1. A great chat on the porch! Your Christmas dinner parties sound nice. It feels good to get dressed up and eat by candlelight now and then. Been a long time for us. We've become extremely casual, living in Florida. I don't even have to "dress up" for work.

  2. Terri- We're pretty comfy at work too (moving around with all those kids every day requires comfortable clothes and shoes)and in our everyday life. You just don't really want to dress up when you live this close to the beach. LOL

  3. high school days? - Yeah I have mixed memories of that time but I have enjoyed a few reunions since. Most of the ones attending the reunions are very nice now. Some have passed away too.

  4. bill- We moved the summer before my freshman year and it was a small town. If you weren't born there, you were not accepted. I'm sure I couldn't care less if they're nice now or not. Stubborn much? LOL

  5. My favorite dinner party would be with a few friends just chilling.

  6. Michelle- It really is nice that way, isn't it? Thanks for stopping by! :)


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