Monday, July 7, 2014

Top Ten Summer Sights

And so the summer sensations posts continue.

I am still feeling a bit nostalgic this summer though posts like these have certainly helped in making them quite positive instead of sad. Perhaps there will come a day when I learn to miss people without dwelling on the loss and to accept my bad decisions and live with them as well. Then again...:)

Ok, it's time to talk about what we like to see during the summer months.

Here are my top ten summer sights:

1. The different shades of green on the trees. The shades are so varied and pretty!

Photo found here

2. The sand covering my feet at the beach every time the water passes over. No, those are not my feet.

Photo found here

3. The gulls at the beach and those little sandpipers who flit here and there running away as the water rushes towards them. And the crabs and the shells and...LOL Yes, I do realize this could have been my 1-20.

4. Watermelon. I always love the bright red color of watermelon. Red IS my favorite color you know. AND, it always takes me back to time spent with my Granddaddy on the porch in the summer eating that delicious goodness!

Photo found here

5. Fireworks on the 4th of July. I know there are fireworks other times of the year, but I just think they're special on the 4th.

Fourth of July fireworks in Charleston, SC

6. Beach balls! I love these big balls of striped color. Have y'all noticed that there are way more color choices these days? In my day it seemed that they all looked like this:

Photo found here

7. Tomatoes growing in the garden. This always reminds me of Grandmother's daily, from scratch biscuits dripping with butter and a tomato slice. Heave. Pure heaven. 

8. The sunlight shimmering on the ocean.

9. Soft serve ice cream cones! Love the swirls!

Photo found here

10. The shapes that appear in those big, white, billowy clouds as they pass overhead.

Photo found here

Ok, it's time for y'all to share your favorite summer sights!


  1. These are awesome! I am going to do my own list and link your post on mine!! :) Yay, summertime!

  2. CLR- I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Did you check out the other ones? I am covering all 5 senses this summer. :)Thanks for linking back- that's so nice!

  3. I can just say ditto to most of yours! It is 'summer' nearly year-round, here in Florida. I'm glad when it isn't raining.

  4. Terri- It seems to be nearly summer year 'round here in Charleston too. We get about a month of winter IF we're lucky. If it rains, send it up here. My flower garden loves it. :)

  5. Lovely and very summery. Are you linking? Is this just a Monday thing?
    I might like to link up or just do a post like this.

  6. Kim- I am not linking I'm just having a very nostalgic summer so I thought posting summer senses would help. I'm going through all the five senses. I would LOVE to read your posts like these!

  7. I love rainbows in the sky after a quick shower.


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